FedEx Paw Print Recognition System

FedEx Paw Print Recognition System

By Front End Audio on Nov 9th 2017

FedEx Paw Print Recognition System

My usual routine at the office is quite exhausting. It mostly involves an entire day of sighing loudly while looking out the front door.

As you may sympathize, there are lots of birds and squirrels out there squawking around, shaking fluffy tails, and participating in other practically unimaginable degenerate activities.

We dogs take the heavy burden upon ourselves to keep these incorrigible, petite monsters in line; not that the Front End Audio humans ever thank me.

But I digress...

Today I heard a loud buzzing coming from a little white box on the wall above me and because I am head security here at FEA, I naturally decided to investigate (after a fit of righteous growls and barking that is).

To my surprise, it was only Mr. B, our friendly FedEx Ground driver. I gave him a proper sniff and kidney bean and then signed for the day’s delivery.

FedEx doesn’t make it that easy for a dog to sign for deliveries considering the loose jowls and all. But after a quick bark at upper management, I was told the paw print recognition system will be enabled by December in time for the Christmas rush.

Now it’s back to my exceptional front door sighing...

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