Antelope Audio now includes PreSonus Studio One Artist with all interfaces!

Antelope Audio now includes PreSonus Studio One Artist with all interfaces!

Nov 9th 2017

This is exciting news!

Now, for a limited time (through 12/31/16), all Antelope Audio interfaces – Zen Studio, Zen Tour, Orion Studio, Orion32, Orion32+ and Goliath –now come with a free download of an integrated edition of Presonus Studio One Artist with a retail price of $149.95

For creative people by creative people

Studio One is The Next Standard in music production. PreSonus has made sure it comes with everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio workstation. The folks at Antelope Audio love it, because it works as a charm with their devices, because it’s fast, flow-oriented and with the most user-friendly drag-and-drop interface you can imagine. Studio One was built by creative people for creative music production and it really feels that way.

Studio One offers exclusive features like Arranger Tracks with unlimited Scratch Pads, new Virtual Instruments, powerful Multi-Instrument and extended FX Chains and built-in Mastering tools. Studio One is a massive DAW that can handle all aspects of working with audio, music and sound design.

As you know, Antelope Audio has always gone for the best sound and what comes from Studio One really stands out on the DAW market. We know quite a lot of musicians and engineers who already switched to Studio One, maybe it’s time you do that as well.

Activate your interface to get your license key

All customers, who purchase any of the Antelope Audio USB & Thunderbolt™ interfaces will be provided with a license key for a free download of the software. This will be received via e-mail and after registration of the device.

This is a promo deal and is valid for a limited period of time. Don’t sleep on it!

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