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The Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay is a 16-Point Gold-Plated XLR Patchbay built for the most demanding of studios!

Your studio needs more than accessible patching - audio quality throughout every signal chain is essential. Black Lion Audio has been trusted for years for modifying the best gear and making it better, and that’s what it took to create the Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay. The PBR XLR is a 16 point XLR patchbay, built for the most demanding of studios; loaded with 32 audiophile-grade gold-plated XLR connectors. The front panel is lined up with 12 female XLR connectors, and 4 male XLR connectors, making it a breeze to patch devices without digging behind your rack. Black Lion’s team of engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the PBR XLR delivers proper quality through-and-through. The PBR XLR is also built Black Lion-tough, with black-anodized aluminum faceplates that also make for a matched and sophisticated look.

Not your average patchbays.
Configure your studio with the best: Black Lion Audio PBR Series Patchbays. Your recordings deserve the best, and maintaining a great signal path is important.

Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay Features

  • 32 audiophile-grade gold-plated XLR connectors
  • 4x male XLR connectors on the front panel for easy hardware patching
  • Black-anodized aluminum faceplate
  • Includes front panel labels

Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay Includes

  • Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay
  • Front Panel Labels
  • Manufacturers Warranty

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As you know, every single part of your signal chain in the studio is important. Your quality gear deserves quality patching and connectivity. The Black Lion Audio PBR XLR Patchbay is a high quality XLR patchbay with audiophile-grade gold plated connectors. I love that Black Lion has included four female XLR connectors on the front with the 12 standard male XLR connectors. To my knowledge, this is the only XLR patchbay on the market with that super convenient feature. Black Lion Audio did a great job. They even went the extra step and included some front panel labels. Everything about this patchbay is quality, get one for yourself!

Wes DeLoach, Pro Audio Sales

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