Auralex U-Boat Floor Floater (50 Pack)


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The Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters are U-shaped channels used to support framing members and float (isolate and decouple) them from the surrounding structure.

With the help of U-Boats, a floated room features greatly improved transmission loss (isolation) and low frequency definition (translated: a tight, floated room will always sound better!). U-Boats are the industry’s most affordable floating solution and are much easier to use than those exorbitant “pucks” that have been used in the past.

Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters Specifications

  • Size: 2 1/8″ wide x 1 1/2″ high x 2″ long
  • Inner Dimension: 1 1/2″ wide,
  • Each U-Boat weighs 66.5 grams
  • Thickness: sides = 5/16″ and base = 1/2″
  • Color: Black

Auralex U-Boat Floor Floaters Includes

  • 50x U-Boat Floor Floaters

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