Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit

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Auralex Alpha DST
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Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit

The Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit takes the guesswork out of acoustics, but it also improves the sound of everything you record!

Now you can actually hear (and record) ONLY the source and NOT what’s bouncing off the walls and ceiling. You’ll achieve better sound out of your existing equipment and get more enjoyment out of your room! The Alpha-DST gives you a multitude of design possibilities and is available in 3 color combinations. The Alpha-DST Kit is designed primarily for rooms with a floor square footage of

Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit Includes

  • (32) DST-112s (Charcoal Only)
  • (32) DST 114s (1 of 3 Colors)
  • (4) LENRD-DST Bass Traps (Charcoal Only)
  • (3) TubeTak Pro Adhesive

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