Audient Sono Guitar Audio Interface


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The Audient Sono Guitar Audio Interface is the ultimate audio interface for guitarists and musicians, combining Audient’s award winning analogue recording technology with the world’s best speaker-cab simulation from Two notes.

Designed for electric guitarists and their accompanying bands, the Audient Sono is a 10-in/4-out USB type-C audio interface with a tube-powered front-end. It also sports a three-knob tone stack, as well as onboard amp-simulation and speaker-cab emulation from Two Notes, a renowned amp-modeling company.

Onboard DSP
Audient teamed up with Two notes to bring you their renowned Torpedo Power Amp Modeling and Cab Simulation built straight into Sono. Letting you accurately emulate the sound and process of miking a guitar or bass cabinet in a professional recording studio all from your desktop.

Record your favorite amps
Pick and choose from a wide range of guitar and bass cabs models and play through or record classics such as the Marshall 4x12, Fender 2x12, Ampeg 8x10 and many more.

Create your Ultimate Rig
No live room or extensive cab & mic collection? No problem! Customize everything from the room type, microphone model and placement and even stylistic tone control such as vintage and modern all from your computer.

Store 3 Presets Onboard
Once you find a tone you love, store up to 3 presets on board Sono and start recording your favorite tones right away, practice without the need for a laptop or even take 3 amps with you on stage!

Zero Latency Recording
Don’t let latency get in the way of your creativity. Monitor mix allows you to blend between the input signal from your guitar and DAW playback, letting you record and monitor without delay.

Your Pedals, Audient Cabs
Plug in your favorite reverb, delay or distortion pedals and combine your unique sound with the power of Two notes and start recording your favorite tones.

Two Audient Console Mic Pres
You’ve spent years perfecting your sound, why compromise now? Sono provides over 20 years of analogue console design heritage on your desktop. Get studio quality recordings with two of Audient’s renowned console mic preamps.

Audient Sono Guitar Audio Interface Features

  • 10-in/4-out USB interface
  • Classic valve preamp with 12AX7 tube
  • 3-band tone control
  • Two Notes power amp and cab simulation
  • Reamp output
  • 2x Audient Console mic pres
  • High-performance AKM AD/DA converters
  • ADAT input for expandability
  • Main speaker output
  • Independent headphone output
  • Zero-latency monitoring with monitor mix
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • 24-bit / 96 kHz
  • All-metal enclosure
  • Free plugins and software with ARC

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