ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphone (Silver Edition)

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ADK Z-Mod - Silver

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ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphone (Silver Edition)

The ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphone is the flag ship tube microphone from ADK's custom shop. Drawing inspiration from six of the most loved vintage voiced microphones. This gives you a choice across the sonic pallet from clean to charactered, allowing you to tailor to the sound source. Whether in the studio, or on the stage, the high quality build and performance of the ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphones will give you the results you need for all professional audio applications.

The ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphones are Class A (Discrete) 9 Polar-Pattern Tube (Valve) Condenser Microphones hand-built using a custom Belgium-Designed PC Board built with Hi-Fi methods and materials, using a "No-Corners-Cut" approach. Features Hand-Selected Valve, Top-of-the-Line Components with Australian-Designed GK capsules from the Custom Shop "Capsule-Bank".

Nobody knows ADK Custom Shop microphones like we here at Front End Audio do. Call us at 888-228-4530 to configure your custom, today.

ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphones

  • ADK Custom Shop "Crème de la Crème" Z-Mod-47: The Z-Mod-47 has Mellow, yet, Historically "Later" Microphone Response Curve. Smooth but with Attitude. More natural, but with less pushed presence and more open top. Rich lows that remain tight. The Z-47 features a Sowter Transformer.
  • ADK Custom Shop "Top Banana" Z-Mod-251: The Z-Mod-251 has a silky, ambient 'air-band' boost, similar to a famous Vintage Austrian Tube Microphone. The Z-251 features a Jensen Transformer
  • ADK Custom Shop "Ruby Lips" Z-Mod-12: The Z-Mod-12 is the Most Brilliant of all ADK Z-Mod-Series Custom Valve Microphones. Almost Effervescent High-End. The Z-12 features a Sowter Transformer
  • ADK Custom Shop "Blue Suede" Z-Mod-67: The Z-Mod-67 has the early 60's vibe. Almost imperceptibly Mellow. Scoops nasal, sibilance issues in a subtle way. More presence than the 47, but less top-end. The Z-67 features a Lundahl transformer
  • ADK Custom Shop "Black Beauty" Z-Mod-49: The ADK Custom Shop Z-Mod-49 is more of a vintage 50's vibe taken from the "7" capsule. Very smooth, almost dark top with a full mid and round bottom. Great for vocal, strings, and trumpet. Seriously, if you've ever felt like every other tube microphone is still too bright for you on top, but you like the responsiveness of a tube powered condenser capsule, then THIS is the choice for you! The Z-49 features a Lundahl transformer.
  • ADK Custom Shop "Shining Silver" Z-Mod-800: The Z-Mod-800 is the Most Brilliant of all ADK Z-Mod-Series Custom Valve Microphones. It cuts thru a heavy mix like no other Z-Mod. Especially Designed for Rap and Hip Hop Artists. the Z-800 features a Lehle transformer.

ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphone (Silver Edition) Features

  • American Chrome and Powder-Coat Chassis
  • Hand-Crafted in USA Electronics Assembly
  • Top-of-the-Line Components
  • 5 Year Warranty

ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphone (Silver Edition) Includes

  • ADK Z-Mod Tube Microphone
  • Elegant American-Made Tweed Flight Case
  • American Hardwood Velvet Lined Microphone Case
  • Heavy-Duty Ring-Shock Combination Suspension Mount
  • Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Ring Mount (Hard-Mount)
  • Pop Filter Pop Filter (w/ Gooseneck and Clamp)
  • Switchable 115/230v Power Supply with 9 Polar Patterns
  • 16′ USA Made Accusound Silver-Pro 7-Pin Tube Microphone XLR Cable
  • 16′ USA Made Accusound Silver-Pro 3-Pin Microphone XLR Cable
  • Spare Elastics for Shock Mount
  • Extra Low-Noise Valve/Tube Sampler Pack for fine-tuning mic characteristics

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  • 5
    Great service, amazing mic

    This microphone is killer. Creamy is the word for the sound. Love it. Also Alan was great - very helpful and informative. If I had any criticism, it would be that I went for the more expensive "silver" version, which in hindsight wasn't the best option for me. The better cabling makes me not exactly regret the upgrade, but in my case it probably wasn't actually worth the money. The case is humongous and not put together particularly well (the brittle glue and staples holding the shock mount partition in place came loose in transit), and the extra tubes aren't really necessary (various brand new 12AX7s). I tested a couple and all sounded good, but settled on a vintage NOS Siemens tube instead of any of them. What little manufacturing cost cutting there is, seems to have been done in the right places - slightly crooked shock mount and flimsy PSU enclosure. All in all though, I'm incredibly happy with the sound of this thing.

  • 5
    The right Microphone for my Saxophone

    I've been searching for the perfect Microphone for my Saxophone for many years now. I talked to Alan Moon after discovering ADK-Mod Tube Microphone's. With his help the solution for the right Microphone is the AKD Z-49. In my studio I've also used it with female and male singers with fantastic results. Thank You Front End Audio!

  • 5
    Amazing mic!!

    The best mic I ever bought. Make yourself a favor and buy one. At a lower price point than a Neumann U-87, this mic is a really bargain

  • 5
    Real High End Microphone

    The ADK Z-MOD-67 comes with very high quality 7 pin and XLR cables and two quality Mullard 12AX7 and a Mullard 12AT7. One Mullard 12AX7 goes to my retired Behringer T1 with excellent result - it is now sounding like a $600 microphone. Another Mullard 12AX7 is installed in the ADK Z-MOD. I am a tube guy and I don't like Mullard. However, the ADK Z-MOD performs unexpectedly well with this Mullard 12AX7 already. Excellent transient and ambient high, warm mid, and lively low. When I familiar with this sound, I will put in a vintage Telefunken diamond bottom NOS 12AX7 smooth plate. The best tube for audio sound is the Telefunken 12AX7 which set the standard; therefore, its gain factor is set at 100. When I choose a tube microphone, vacuum tube choice will be my first priority. My vintage tube collections will determine which microphone to buy. The expensive tube microphones using 6072 is not considered because the GE vacuum tube is not my cup of tea!

  • 5
    Best Large Diaphragm Mics I've Bought

    My studio has over 80 mics, and these are seeing consistent use. Alan Moon helped guide my understanding of what Larry (ADK's founder) is doing and which mics exhibit the sounds I was looking for. I zeroed in on matched pairs of Z-67's and Z-47's. The two types of mics are understandably different-sounding, however they all portray a width and depth to the soundstage that is not understood until heard. Unlike most modern LD mics, the high-end is smooth, clear, and precise. These mics are worth purchasing and using.

  • 4
    Z Mod Tube Mics

    Anyone considering an LDC purchase should absolutely audition mics from this series. The build quality is lovely. The performance and flexibility of the transformer, capsule and tube options make this an incredibly good value. The descriptions from ADK are very much true to what we experienced. In fact, two mics from this series did make our top five in a blind comparison we had. They simply perform beautifully.