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sE Electronics IRF Instrument Reflexion Filter

sE Electronics Instrument RF
sE Electronics Instrument RF
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sE Electronics IRF Instrument Reflexion Filter

The sE Electronics IRF Instrument Reflexion Filter is designed on the same principles as its bigger brother, the Reflexion Filter but for a smaller instrument format.

It forms a small curved wall of punched Aluminium, with 3 layers of polyester fibreboard separated with air gaps, which helps reduce room ambience and isolates the mic from ambient noise. The IRF has a hole punched through it to allow a pencil mic, or SM57 etc to be fixed through it, especially useful when close micing drums (to help with track separation) or overhead micing. The IRF is ideal for use with pianos, drums and wind instruments, whereas the RF is used for vocals and guitars.

Why It Works?

  • The Patent Pending multiple layer technology in sE Reflexion Filter products is what makes them unique. Alternate layers of polyester acoustic fibre board, acoustic grade wool and web strengthened aluminum foil, separated by fixed air spaces for acoustic separation, provide a hugely effective sound absorber and diffuser.
  • Foam products do not work very effectively! Foam acoustic products allow most frequencies to pass straight through with very little absorption, and are only really effective for HF (High Frequency).
  • They may be cheaper, but they can actually make a mix worse, not better, removing HF which later needs to be added back in, thus creating noise, while leaving the problematical mid and low frequencies completely untreated.
  • With Multiple layer technology, RF products are portable devices which really work!

What We Think

This is the INSTRUMENT REFLEXION FILTER - NOT the REFLEXION FILTER. If you are planning on recording vocals with a large style microphone, then you need the REFLEXION FILTER, not this product. This product, the INSTRUMENT REFLEXION FILTER is strictly for using smaller dynamic or small diaphragm condenser (pencil-style) microphones which mount through the filter. It's also for using fairly close to sources such as guitar amplifiers, Leslie cabinets, etc.. The IRF is also much smaller than it's big brother, the REFLEXION FILTER, which is also why it's half the price and will be less-than-half as effective for recording with large diaphragm condensers, ribbon microphones and applications where more isolation is required such as for recording horns in an open studio where drums, guitars, etc are playing simultaneously.

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