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Radial Workhorse X-Amp 500-Series Re-Amplifying Device

Radial X-Amp-LB
Radial X-Amp-LB
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Radial Workhorse X-Amp 500-Series Re-Amplifying Device

The Radial X-Amp-LB Lunchbox Re-Amplifying Device, most popular re-amplifying device on the market today, in 500 Series format!

Radial X-Amp-LB Lunchbox X-Amp Re-Amplifying Device Details
The Radial X-Amp is the most popular re-amplifying device on the market today.  Re-amping basically allows a prerecorded track such as a clean guitar to be sent from the recording system to the X-Amp where the signal is both unbalanced and the impedance is converted from lo-to-hi to properly interface with a guitar amplifier or pedals. 

The advantages of re-amping are numerous: The guitarist need only concentrate on the performance. This eliminates arduous repetition while the engineer attempts to move the microphones to get the right tone. With the X-Amp in the system, the prerecorded track is captured using a direct box like the Radial J48 and then mic placement, amp selection and tonal balance is fine tuned as the production advances.

The X-Amp LB adds extra spice to the mix with two class-A buffered outputs each with its own level control that can drive upwards to 50 feet of high-Z cable.  Transformer isolation and ground lift help eliminate hum & buzz caused by ground loops while a 180º polarity reverse assures both amps play in phase. The X-Amp Omniport is configured with a high impedance guitar input allowing a guitar to drive two amps at the same time further expanding the creative options.

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