DACS FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator

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DACS FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator

The DACS FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator offers what no plug-in can, even in a world filled with plug-ins. The FwS FREQue II is a genuine and inspirational analogue effects processor.

Ring Modulation has been around for a long time. Its usefulness was always limited by the high level of breakthrough of the original signals. Some years ago DACS developed a device which reduced this breakthrough to levels compatible with digital technology. The FwS series (including the FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator) of ring modulator based effectors retains the purity of the effect with breakthrough performance. With this unit and others in the range you will be able to transform your existing sound generators creating an almost infinite range of unique sounds using your hands and your ears. DACS is not filled with nostalgia for the ‘good old days’, but do believe that programming has several limitations; human creativity and interaction can create a much more flexible and individual musical result than pre-sets. The FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator is a realization of this.

DACS FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator Features

  • Simple to complex autopan effects, gating, amplitude modulation, flanging, spatialising
  • Vocoding type effects
  • Transposition with distortion, adding glitter, air, sparkle etc when mixed back into original
  • Frequency Modulation of modulation oscillator at all frequencies
  • Envelope follower effects
  • Up and down shift of frequency with change in harmonic structure

DACS FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator Specifications

  • Spectral Controls on MUSIC input
    • Weight Bass filter (shelving) ±12dB gain from around 80Hz@6dB/8ve
    • Edge Treble filter (shelving) ±12dB gain from around 8kHz@6dB/8ve
    • Switch Pressed in this activates Spectral Controls
  • Inputs
    • Connectors ¼” jack, three pole, Tip /in phase, Ring cold/reverse phase ,sleeve 0V
    • Levels Optimum results occur with input levels of +2dBu to +12dBu, maximum input level > +12dBu
    • Freq Response Music inputs <20Hz to >35 kHz, modulator input DC to >35kHz
    • Input Impedance >10k
    • MOD Module8ion Input - this feeds one side of Ring Mod
    • MUSIC Main Input - this feeds the other side of Ring Modulator if spectral controls are activated they vary the spectrum of this input.
    • Breakthrough MOD in +10dBm with no MUSIC signal, MOD out <-65dBm maximum, typically <-70dBm, same for MUSIC signal with no MOD.
  • Outputs
    • Connectors ¼” jack, three pole, as above
    • OSC Oscillator output at ca +12dBu
    • Levels For input levels of +4dBu to +12dBu output will be around +4dBu - +12dBu, maximum output level around 65kHz
    • Freq Response Flat from DC to a -3dB point at around 65kHz
    • Signal to noise -82dB (equivalent to a good mic set to medium gain)
  • OSC
    • Fine Varies around centre frequency by ca 5%
    • Tune Varies centre frequency over selected range
    • Range Selects from 4 ranges - [0.2Hz-9Hz, 2Hz-90Hz, 20Hz-900Hz and 380Hz-11kHz]
    • CV Inputs CV Inputs to each oscillator on ¼” jacks (unbalanced), 0-15V, V/Hz characteristics
    • OSC Outs Output for both oscillators @ +12dBu

DACS FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator Includes

  • FREQue II MK2 Ring Modulator
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manual

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