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Radial JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal Manager

Radial JX44
Radial JX44
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Radial JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal Manager

Radial JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal Manager

Radial JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal Manager Details

The Radial JX44 Air Control is a guitar signal manager designed for the most demanding professional concert stages where wireless guitar systems, acoustics, effects and multiple amplifiers are used simultaneously.

To ensure the highest quality signal transfer, the four instrument inputs employ Radial's unique class-A buffering with 100% discrete components throughout. Inputs A & B are equipped with Drag Control load correction that lets you 'dial in' the perfect load on the pickup for the most natural tone. Inputs B &C are equipped with a trim level that let you quickly balance signal levels when using wireless systems or active guitars.

There are two effects loops: The first is a 'local' effects loop to interface drawer-filled pedals or multi-effects processors. The second is a long-haul balanced interface that provides a noise-free connection to-and-from distant pedalboards to distances of 100 meters when combined with a stand-alone Radial SGI-44. A built-in Radial direct box works double duty as an acoustic guitar output for the PA or as a dry feed for recording. With the JX44, you can record a 'clean guitar track' and use the built-in Radial X-Amp in post production to Reamp the signal to multiple amplifiers and pedals at the same time.

Up to six guitar amplifiers may be used at once. Outputs 1 and 2 are single while outputs 3 and 4 are doubled-up to drive multiple stacks. All outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops. These also feature a 180º polarity reverse switch to set the amps in phase. Selecting the amps can be done via the front panel or by using the optional JR5 remote control. This five function footswitch is equipped with internal memory that lets you store 4 amp scenes and recall them with a single foot action. A second JR5 can also be used to activate or mute guitars. To enhance stage functionality, the JX44 is equipped with a separate tuner out. Signals can be muted using the front panel switch, a latching footswitch, or with the JR5 remote, giving you complete control right where you want it. Should ever a problem occur, a front panel 'panic' button hardwires input-A to output-1 for direct-to-amp connection. This will even work if the JX44 power goes down. With a Radial JX44 in your rig, the show will go on!

  • Control as many as 4 guitars and 6 amps at once
  • Programmable with remote control for pedalboard
  • Built in Radial DI box, SGI line driver and X-Amp
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate ground loops

Radial JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal Manager Features

  • INSTRUMENT INPUTS: The JX44 starts with a four input instrument selector for wired and wireless guitars. The JX44 can have all your instruments ready and waiting and the optional JR5 remote footswitch allows hands free operation with big, bright LED indicators that are easy to see on stage.
  • AMPLIFIER OUTPUTS: These four outputs can connect up to six amplifiers giving you an incredibly flexible multi-amp rig. You can manually select amps or program a bank to recall a group of amps with the front panel controls or JR5 footswitch. A pristine Class-A signal path and transformer isolation offer amazing Radial quality sound with immunity from hum and buzz caused by ground loops.
  • EFX LOOP: Patch rackmount effects and pedals into this local hi-impedance effects loop and all your instruments can use them. The local effect loop can be assigned to each amplifi er output.
  • SGI-44 LOOP: This balanced long-haul effects loop works with the optional SGI-44 to connect a pedalboard up to 100 meters (300 feet) away from your amps without introducing noise or signal loss.
  • TUNE & MUTE: The JX44, JR5 and SGI-44 offers tremendous tuning and mute options: You can connect a rack and pedalboard tuner plus mute the guitar from five different places.
  • DIRECT OUTPUT: The built in Radial ProDI direct box has many uses on-stage and in the studio. This one has been optimized with features for the guitarist like pre/post effects loop and assignment to one or all instrument inputs.
  • X-AMP INPUT: The JX44 lets you tap into the huge tone shaping and post production possibilities of re-amping. The X-AMP lets you send guitar tracks from your multi-track to the JX44 and route the signal to your effects and amps for re-recording.

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