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RME HDSP AES-32 PCI Audio Card

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RME HDSP AES-32 PCI Audio Card

The RME AES32 card provides eight AES inputs and outputs at 192 kHz sample rate. It is also equipped with two MIDI I/O ports, word clock I/O and can be used with the optional TCO module for synchronization to LTC and video.

The AES-32 is RME's reaction to requests from audio professionals for an AES-based solution with the typical RME features and quality. This audio card is a perfect all-in-one solution for professional users in the fields of broadcast, TV, theater, stage/PA - and in any professional studio.

The cards main board contains word clock I/O and a 25-pin D-sub connector, providing four AES inputs and four AES outputs via standard digital breakout cable (Tascam pinout). The word clock input is galvanically isolated via transformer and operates on Single, Double and Quad Speed signals automatically. The expansion board adds audio channels 9-16 and a connector for a MIDI breakout cable with two MIDI I/Os (four 5-pin DIN connectors). It does not require a PCI slot.

Thanks to the DSP-based TotalMix mixer, all 16 inputs and outputs can be routed to 16 physical outputs freely, offering extraordinary monitoring capabilities. Up to 8 fully independent stereo submixes can be created. Routings can be copied and pasted, faders ganged and grouped, which, along with the amazing matrix window, turns the AES-32 into a powerful and easy-to-use redistributor, patchbay, router, converter, and splitter. The hardware-based mixer is fully MIDI-controllable. Furthermore, the DSP hardware calculates RMS and peak level meters for all 48 audio channels, with no measurable CPU load.

The Time Code Option of the HDSP 9632 and HDSP MADI can also be used with the AES-32 to sync to LTC and video. Thanks to SteadyClock, the TCO not only extracts absolute positions from these signals, but also a very clean low-jitter word clock.

The card's most important settings are stored on the card itself. Rather than operating in a default mode from the moment the conputer is switched on until the driver is loaded, the card will immediately activate the last used sampling rate, master/slave configuration and AES format, thus eliminating any startup noise or problems in the clock network, both at system start and reboot.

An optional 19" breakout box is also available. Its innovative design features XLR I/Os that can be accessed from the front or rear in a rack, according to the user's choice. BOB-32 provides D-sub connectors with Tascam and Yamaha pinout, therefore can be used with other devices as digital rack breakout box as well.

RME HDSP AES-32 PCI Audio Card Features

  • Support for 192 kHz at full channel count
  • Native support for Double and Quad Wire transfer
  • Direct conversion between these formats
  • SteadyClock for highest jitter suppression and clock regeneration
  • Intuitive and clearly laid-out user interface
  • TotalMix: 512 channel mixer with 42 bit internal resolution
  • 48 level meter Peak/RMS, hardware-computed

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