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Genelec 8030BPM Studio Monitors (Pair)

Genelec 8030BPM
Genelec 8030BPM
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Genelec 8030BPM Studio Monitors (Pair)

Genelec's 8030BPM Black Compact Bi-Amplified Active Monitors open up the stereo sound-stage in ways that few active monitors with 5-inch woofers can. Always the trail-blazer, Genelec's 8030BPM is a studio classic in its own right.

The very compact Genelec 8030A is a powerful bi-amplified nearfield monitor system ideal for project and home studios, workstations, installations, and surround sound monitoring. The MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) enclosure has rounded edges and a gently curved front and sides to achieve a very smooth frequency response and superb imaging qualities with minimized cabinet edge diffraction.

The Genelec 8030A, like all Genelec 8000 Series monitors, also features the advanced Genelec Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW), a revolutionary flow-optimized reflex port design, optimized die-cast aluminium structure with extremely durable semi-matt finish and acoustically optimized metal grilles. Low distortion drivers are driven by dedicated amplifiers after sophisticated filtering. Magnetic shielding, overload protection circuitry and versatile room response controls are standard. The versatile mounting features include integrated rear support points for wall and floor stands plus a further 3/8" thread for mounting on the cabinet base.

Every Genelec 8030A monitor comes with an Iso-Pod (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler) as standard. The Iso-Pod is a clever mounting stand, which allows the system to perform in either the vertical or horizontal position. It also enables the acoustic axis of the monitor to be aimed at the listener, while acoustically and mechanically decoupling the monitor from the surface it is resting on.

If very large sound levels and a low cutoff frequency are required it can be complemented in stereo applications with the 7050B subwoofer and in surround applications with the 7060B subwoofer.

Genelec 8030A Black Compact Bi-Amplified Active Monitor Features

  • Compact, versatile nearfield monitor for project studios, workstations and surround components
  • Special low distortion 5" woofer and 3/4" metal dome tweeter
  • Separate 40-watt bass and treble amplifiers
  • 108 dB SPL @ 1m (short term RMS; peak per pair with music material)
  • Free field frequency response: 58 Hz - 20 kHz ( 2 dB)
  • 11 1/4" high x 7" wide x 7 1/16" deep (height with Iso-Pod 11 13/16")

Genelec 8030A Black Compact Bi-Amplified Active Monitor Specifications

  • Input format: Analog
  • SPL
    • Maximum short time sine wave acoustic output at 1 m on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz: Greater-than or Equal-to 100 dB SPL
    • Maximum peak acoustic output per pair with music material: Greater-than or Equal-to108 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Drivers
    • Bass: 5"
    • Treble: 3/4" metal dome
  • Crossover frequencies: 3 kHz
  • Free field frequency response: 58 Hz - 20 kHz ( 2 dB)
  • Amplifier power /ch
    • Bass: 40 W
    • Treble: 40 W
  • Speaker dimensions (H x W x D)
    • mm: 285 x 189 x 178 mm (Height with Iso-Pod 299 mm)
    • inches: 11 1/4 x 7 7/16 x 7 1/16" (Height with Iso-Pod 11 13/16")
  • Speaker weight: 5.6 kg (12.3 lb)
  • Power: 115V Operation Only

Genelec 8030A Black Compact Bi-Amplified Active Monitor Downloads

What We Think - Genelec 8030A Review

"Genelec continues to stand their ground as the leader of the studio monitor field. Why? Well, In a word - Translatability. Genelecs have always proven themselves to sound great and provide a sonic landscape to the engineer in a way that sounds like most people like to hear music. The best part is when you take your mixes elsewhere to listen, the results shine through as they should. In fact, I daresay, that Genelecs deliver this more often and with more consistent results than any other studio monitor.

The consistency between each of the 8000 series speakers is amazing, you can move from the 8020 all the way to the 8050 and the imaging and detail of the mids / highs is strikingly similar. What you gain by moving up a series is another roughly 10hZ of low end detail and volume. The sound is extremely detailed, and they even look fantastic! Step up into the Genelec DSP series of monitors running the GLM software and you now have an adaptive powerhouse that can convincingly fix most all of your acoustics issues at the mix position (and the ability to shift the stereo image to other positions - convincingly - as well) - all without changing the character of the monitors. So, a Genelec remains a Genelec to your ears! Nobody else has come close to offering the degree of flexibility and problem solving in the DSP monitor market. In fact, most everyone else has given up. Genelec is just getting started...

All of these reasons combine to be why we at Front End Audio chose to install a pair of the 8240A DSP monitors running the GLM Software in our studio. The results are absolutely stunning and our mixes were immediately better. This all proves to us further that if our customers need excellent studio monitors, then they need Genelecs. Give us a call - let's talk about your needs. We'll get you the right solution."

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