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Let’s face it – most of us aren’t made out of money. We’re trying to get the best bang for the buck where audio is concerned. However, the biggest bang for the buck – the Digital Audio Workstation – leaves a lot to be desired where tone and inspirational workflow are concerned. A lot of us miss our consoles for the utility that they offer, and we sincerely enjoy working with our hardware devices as they give us something that feels more alive than plug-ins. And then sometimes we just need a device like a pair of microphones or a DI box which will perform like a high-performance race-car, but is priced more like a Corolla (figuratively speaking – not literally, for sure). Brad Avenson‘s offerings under the Avenson Audio banner deliver serious tools for the working studio and engineer. We at Front End Audio been selling Avenson Audio’s wares for roughly ten years now, and these devices have made many a satisfied customer of ours. Some of the earliest Avenson Audio products we carried were designed more with performance capture and performance in mind. And they’re still going just as strong today as a new generation of customers discover them.
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Avenson Audio Mid-SideR Avenson Audio Mid-SideR Stereo Processor

The Avenson Audio Mid-SideR Stereo Processor is a full rack version of the Avenson Mid-Side with some expanded features. Now featuring a variety of Bypass options for monitoring specific processing and channels, together with a new Side channel Shelving EQ, and a premium all-Neutrik XLR I/O section on the rear panel, Avenson Audio has delivered a perfect Mid-Side encoder and decoder for the professional studio which doesn't break the bank!

List Price: $1,199.00
Our Price: 950.00
Avenson Audio STO-2 Avenson Audio STO-2 Microphones

The Avenson Audio STO-2 Pair of Omni Electret Condenser Mics will surprise you and expand your tonal capabilities and the sense of space in your recordings. Pure, natural sound at a low price... with a nice wooden box for them, too - the STO-2 are an excellent sounding, highly cost effective way to achieve better results - fast!

List Price: $699.00
Our Price: 549.00

Avenson Audio Mid-Side Avenson Audio Mid-Side Stereo Processor

The Avenson Audio Mid-Side Stereo Processor tears down the performance / price barrier which has plagued smaller working studios, delivering a great sounding and affordable solution for converting from Left-Right Stereo to Mid-Side to be processed by compression and eq, and back again.

List Price: $699.00
Our Price: 600.00

Avenson Audio Blend Avenson Audio Blend Parallel Processing Tool

The Avenson Audio Blend makes it unbelievably easy to inject analog parallel processing, into your studio's set up. The short clean signal path ensures the integrity of your audio, and the simple one fader control allows you to blend between fully dry, fully wet, and any point in between.

List Price: $699.00
Our Price: 600.00
Avenson Audio Blend & Mid-Side Avenson Audio Blend & Mid-Side Stereo Processing Package

The Avenson Audio Blend & Mid-Side Stereo Processing Package includes the Blend, Mid-Side and the rack shelf. Access your stereo signals and process them with your hardware compressors and equalizers like never before. One convenient package at one convenient price from Front End Audio!

List Price: $1,443.00
Our Price: 1,200.00
Avenson Audio Small DI Avenson Audio Small DI

The Avenson Audio Small DI sounds spectacular, is small for easy travel (for all those live sound folks), and simple to use. Just plug in your instrument, connect the Small DI to your mic pre, turn on phantom power, and let your jaw drop. The full, yet transparent sound of the Small DI will impress even to most critical tone purist.

List Price: $99.00
Our Price: 80.00

Avenson Audio IsoDI Avenson Audio IsoDI Direct Box

The Avenson Audio IsoDI Direct Box flat out sounds fantastic, with its superhero alter-ego being an ultimate solver of audio problems. Combine this with it's super small footprint, and the Avenson Audio IsoDI makes for an must-have for the gigging musician or serious audio engineer of both studio and stage.

List Price: $200.00
Our Price: 160.00

Avenson Audio Headphone Amp Avenson Audio Headphone Amp

The Avenson Audio Headphone Amp does it all - and does it without compromise at a price far less than its competition. Need lots of clean and linear power with variety of input options (balanced / unbalanced), thoughtfully enhanced with a very useful crossfeed function for simulated studio monitor listening? The Avenson Audio Headphone Amp achieves all of this with style.

List Price: $899.00
Our Price: 750.00
Avenson Audio Rack Shelf Avenson Audio Blend/Mid-Side Rack Shelf

The Avenson Audio Blend/Mid-Side Rack Shelf is the perfect solution for securely getting your Avenson Audio Mid/Side and Blend off the desktop, and into a rack.

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: 45.00
Avenson Audio IsoGtr Avenson Audio IsoGtr Direct Box

The Avenson Audio IsoGtr Direct Box provides the clarity, detail, and signal integrity needed to ensure the best performance, whether on the stage or in the studio. It will easily please even the most discerning tone purist.

List Price: $399.00
Our Price: 350.00