ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone

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ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone

The ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone combines the rich warm sound of a ribbon, with the detailed forwardness of a condenser. The ADK Frankfurt 49-T-FET features a soft top end (that does not sacrifice detail), with a rich forward mid and big bottom - making it perfect for outside kick, drum room, clean electric guitars, bass guitars, high pitched stringed instruments (like Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, etc), and vocals.

The ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone is part of the ADK Custom Shop FET series, which are based on a unique FET circuit that saturates gradually (unlike most condenser microphones which tend to clip abruptly). Key to the Tonality -a Belgian-American-Australian-Designed Capsule, British Oxford Transformers, Hi-End Phillips Norelco Uber-FET. Manufactured with Hi-Fi Methods and Materials, including a $6 Resistor! It took three microphone experts including a PhD in Physics, a Design Genius in Belgium and a 40 year-old Mic Locker to create them! Two-Way Attenuation Pads & Two Way HP Filter to enable end-user to tailor the dynamic behavior of the microphone and create new textures, with rarely the need for outboard processors or even EQ. The Frankfurt 49-T is a tri-polar microphone with selectable Cardioid, Figure-8, and Omni pickup patterns.

All Class-A F.E.T. design manufactured in 3 Zigma Aerospace Manufacturing facility with British Oxford Transformer, and premium quality Low-Noise 3 Zigma capsules with Vintage Voicing Curves. The audiophile circuitry differs from lesser-designs in that it is designed for Soft-Saturation at extremely high SPL as instead of going into the "crunch" and unpleasant distortion (not the good kind of distortion!) of hard-clipping. The Frankfurt 49-T features a very smooth, dark top, but a full mid and bottom end. Great for getting that extremely vintage vibe on would-be harsh sources. Perfect for strings.

ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone Includes

  • Frankfurt 49-T-FET
  • Premium Wood Jewel Box
  • Ring Mount

ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T-FET Microphone Specifications

  • Acoustical operating principle: 27.5mm large diaphragm pressure gradient transducer
  • Directional pattern: Cardioid, Figure 8, Omni
  • Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -37dB (14.1mV/Pa)
  • Output impedance: 200 ohms
  • Equivalent noise A-weighted: 13 dB
  • S/N ratio (A-weighted, rel 1Pa): 81dB
  • Maximum SPL: 138dB with 16dB pad
  • Dynamic range: 125dB
  • Supply voltage: 48 volts (P48)

What We Think

The ADK Custom Shop Frankfurt 49-T Microphone is probably best described as premium 80% Organic Cocoa Dark Chocolate; dark and rich, with just the right amount of definition throughout it's range - not too sweet and not too bitter. In fact, it's like bathing in chocolate. The classic 49 is a BIG sounding mic, and the Frankfurt 49-T doesn't disappoint in this department. The Frankfurt 49-T is a go-to microphone for trumpets and horns, bass guitar cabinets, as drum room-mics (for dark body), and for vocalists / broadcasters who really want to drop the bomb on any chance of sibilance while simultaneously picking up loads of girth and body. It's a perfect mic for those situations where a ribbon mic is too dark or where the rear-lobe of a ribbon will create more problems than the side-lobes of the ribbon's fixed figure-8 pattern will solve. The Frankfurt 49-T's 3-Polar Patterns (Cardioid, Figure-8, and Omni) lend a flexibility that comes in quite handy in many a recording situation.

ADK's Soft-Saturation Circuit provides tons of pleasing 'spongy' sonic 'shock absorption' which helps hard transient material sit perfectly in digital tracks where we once relied on tape compression and longer signal paths to smooth out signals.

- Font End Audio

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    Elegant & Beautiful!

    Posted by johnny on Dec 31st 2016

    I already owned the 251-T-FET and found it performed really well. I went to the other end of the spectrum with this 49-T-FET and wow, such a nice microphone! It's not as dark sounding as you may be lead to believe, there's plenty of high end and air, it's just a creamy high end - kind of like a great M7 capsule (though it sounds nothing like my Gefell). It has a well balanced tone that's classy and elegant. It seems I could use this mic on most anything! I am definitely filling the gap between this 49 and my 251 with the 47 and 67 models!