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Front End Audio sells Acoustic Treatment for all studio recording, home recording and live audio applications. We have a large assortment of Absorbtion, Diffusion, Isolation, and Construction products.
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Auralex Sustain Metro Auralex Sustain Metro Bamboo Sound Diffusor (2 panels)

Auralex's Sustain Metro Bamboo Sound Diffusor is made of environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo which is both quite handsome, as well as incredibly effective as a diffusor material. 2 panels complete the delivered package.

List Price: $599.99
Our Price: 549.99
Primacoustic London 12 Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit

The Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit is the perfect comprehensive solution for the home studio owner looking to make a significant and total improvement to the acoustics of their control room, while also being mindful of budget. Improve the quality of your recordings and mixes by fixing the room in which it's all being captured and mixed in!

List Price: $800.00
Our Price: 769.99
Primacoustic London 16 Primacoustic London 16 Room Kit

The Primacoustic London 16 Room Kit provides everything needed for a complete acoustic treatment package!

List Price: $1,550.00
Our Price: 1,499.99
Auralex Project 2 Auralex Project 2 Roominator Kit

Auralex Project 2 Roominator Kit, all in one solution!

List Price: $879.99
Our Price: 799.99
Auralex Deluxe PLUS Auralex Deluxe PLUS Roominator Kit

Auralex Deluxe PLUS Roominator Kit, do it all in one fell swoop.

List Price: $1,099.99
Our Price: 999.99
Auralex Pro PLUS Auralex Pro PLUS Roominator Kit

Auralex Pro PLUS Roominator Kit, get total control!

List Price: $1,169.99
Our Price: 1,499.99
Auralex D36 Auralex D36 Roominator Kit

Auralex D36 Roominator Kit is designed to dramatically improve your acoustics while giving you a great designer look. It offers you a starting point to reduce unwanted slap and flutter echo in your room. 18) DST-112 panels, Charcoal. (18) DST-114 panels, in your choice of either Charcoal, Burgundy, or Purple, plus (72) EZ-Stick Pro Tabs.

List Price: $209.99
Our Price: 189.99
Auralex Alpha DST Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit

Auralex Alpha DST Roominator Kit, sound control solutions for you!

List Price: $549.99
Our Price: 499.99
Auralex D108L Auralex D108L Roominator Kit

Auralex D108L Roominator Kit, huge kit for huge control!

List Price: $769.99
Our Price: 699.99
Auralex SFS-112 Auralex SFS-112 SonoFlat Room System

Auralex SFS-112 SonoFlat Room System, whole system for sound control!

List Price: $1,039.99
Our Price: 919.99