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Grimm Audio LS1 Sub-Woofer Set

Grimm Audio LS1
Grimm Audio LS1
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Grimm Audio LS1 Sub-Woofer Set

Grimm Audio LS1 Sub-Woofer Set

Grimm Audio LS1 Sub-Woofer Set Details

The Grimm Audio LS1 Sub-Woofer Set is the stereo-subwoofer set designed for exclusive use with the Grimm Audio LS1 Reference Studio Monitors. This sub does not add 'more base' to the LS1, but instead offers an improved mid and even high end, big and effortless impact and a very high realism. The production version has a black finish and mounts upward-facing, into the base of the LS1 Reference Studio Monitor.

What We Think - Grimm Audio LS1 Sub-Woofer Review

"The Grimm Audio LS1 Reference Studio Monitor system sounds unbelievably phenomenal. But when you add the LS1 Sub-Woofer Set to the LS1s, something even better emerges. When listening to the Grimm LS1s with the subs added, I noticed a sound that was not 'effecty' - as if designed for wow-factor; as if to impress someone who truly does not know what they are listening for. Instead, I was suddenly immersed inside a world of music in a way that I have not been before. Using Dire Straits' 'Water Of Love' as a reference (Listen to something you know!) I was able to hear each drum in space. It was if I could reach out and touch each tom-tom of the drum kit. It became blatantly obvious just how valuable these monitors with the subs would be not only in a mastering situation, but I think 'especially' in a mixing application. Why not get it all right from the start? Granted, we're talking about a set of monitors that with the subs, would set one back more than what they have in their vehicle. Still, for the discriminating professional, the Grimm Audio LS1 and Subwoofer Set should warrant serious consideration. I could tell right away that not only could I hear everything perfectly in such a way that I could detect any imperfection and immediately know just what to do with it, that I would enjoy my work in the studio so much more than normal. And if I would enjoy it more, then so would my clients, which is perhaps the most important consideration, after all, isn't it?"

Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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