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Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen

Ton Pauly PR120-T30
Ton Pauly PR120-T30
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Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen

Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen is the ultimate gooseneck popsreen solution for the discriminating ear and recording engineer. The Ton Pauly Superscreen earns it's keep with ease by removing the chance of plossives while not altering the natural characteristics of the voice.

Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen Details

The Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen is THE premier mounting configuration of the Ton Pauly Ton Superscreen, which utilizes a unique totally robust yet also totally silent gooseneck, which is both pliable yet stable for reliable ease of positioning that stays! The mounting ring mounts between your microphone's mount and the threads of your microphone stand for maximum stability. The gooseneck has an attachment that allows the screen to be placed at any angle. You can now use your Superscreen with any microphone, regardless of size, and place the screen at any distance from the microphone. It has a beautiful finish that matches the screen and has a non-reflective surface. Just like the screen, this is not just any gooseneck!

Pauly Superscreen is 4 ¾" in diameter by 3/8"deep. The finish is non-reflective texture coated medium grey. It screws on to the available mounts with included hardware. The fabric is special material exclusive to Pauly and will last a lifetime if take care of.

The Pauly Silent Gooseneck is 12 ½" long and approximately ¼" in diameter. It will maintain its position once set. The finish is the same non-reflective, texture coat grey of the Pauly Screen. The gooseneck has a collar that fits between the stand and the mic clip or shock mount

Designed by Hilmar Pauly, the Ton Pauly Ton Superscreen is a high-tech-device that uniquely eliminates pop and other air-flow-caused noise of the human voice before it can hit the microphone cartridge. Word has long gotten around and ultimately reached us. Even Paul McCartney has experienced the advantages of the Pauly pop filter. And we feel that you should, too!

Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen Features

  • Removes "plossives" without affecting the sound captured by the microphone - finally!
  • Non-reflective texture coated medium grey finish
  • Screen fabric will last a lifetime
  • Some Tips for Care and Feeding of your Pauly Superscreen:
    • DO NOT allow food or spit to accumulate on the screen
    • The screen can be cleaned with a very mild soap (such a dishwashing soap) and water. Do not use chemicals or scrub the screen with abrasive

Ton Pauly PR120-T30 Superscreen Specifications

  • Supercreen Dimensions
    • 4 ¾" in diameter by 3/8"deep
  • Gooseneck Length:
    • 12.5 inches in length by ¼" in diameter

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