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  Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 MKII 16-Channel Summing Mixer

Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16
Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16

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Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 MKII 16-Channel Summing Mixer Details

The Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 MKII was originally conceived because of the demand from customers for something that would "sweeten" the output from pro-tools and other DAW, and to make the final mix easier to distribute and handle.

The Nicerizer 16 MKII is designed to take the output out of the digital realm, and to add the Class A characteristics and feel before the final recording. The “Nicerizer 16” uses Phoenix Audio's well proven and loved Class A output stage, but also has their latest breakthrough in transformerless Class A, Discrete Line Input Technology.

The Nicerizer 16 MKII is a 2U 19" rack mountable 16 - 2 Summing Mixer, that can be stacked and linked in any multiple and various configurations to give high quality, line-level, Class A, discrete buffering, summing and mixing.

Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 MKII 16-Channel Summing Mixer Specifications

  • 16 channels of Phoenix Audio's Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformerless input stage
  • Phoenix Audio's proven and loved Class A, discrete, transformer balanced output stage (DSOP-2)
  • Individual pan control for each channel (16 x Pan pots)
  • 16 x Balanced Input XLR's. Can accept balanced or unbalanced input with no -6dB loss
  • 2 x mix busses (Stereo Mix Bus)
  • 1/4" TRS Inserts on Busses (L + R Bus Insert points)
  • +8dB Boost button on each channel
  • Master mix bus output level control
  • Stereo LED level monitoring
  • Switchable for each channel and Main Output
  • Stereo/mono Headphone monitoring switchable to each channel and Main Output, includes headphone monitoring of the mix bus. (L, R, and Stereo)
  • Main Outputs on Balanced XLR's
  • 1/4″ TRS unbalanced Jacks for Auxiliary outputs with front panel level control
  • 2 Track stereo mono inputs on 1/4″ TRS balanced Jacks
  • Class A Stereo-Width control with "Loss-less Bass". Sweepable width from mono through to +25% Wider + Width control Bypass switch.
  • Maximum Output Level of +26dB.
  • Huge headroom available on all channels.
  • All units are wired with PTFE silver military grade cable.

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What We Think - Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 MKII Review

"First, it must be said that the Phoenix Audio Nicereizer MKII is BAD TO THE BONE... period. After experiencing what the all Class-A, all Discrete circuitry does for your mixes, there's no denying it's power to infuse some electrical liveliness upon your mix. The Nicereizer truly opens up the energy spectrum of your pre-existing tracks and mixes. The first audio that I put through through the Nicerizer was a simple 2-track mix and I was quickly floored by the life and excitement that was now present in the audio that had previously been robbed by the lack of high voltage audio circuitry in the audio interface.

"Comparing an 'in the box' mix to a mix made with the Nicerizer 16 we noticed a few things. First off, the audio is without a doubt leagues better than the ITB mix. Second, it is way easier to track and mix with the Nicerizer 16 MKII in place. This is probably because your audio isn't choked to death by a pair of converters on your interface and has the open flow of each of your interface's outputs. Also, the Nicerizer is easy to integrate into your setup. The separation of sounds was better defined vs the DAW's internal mixer.. Also, you can really milk a myriad of tonality out of those Phoenix D-SOP2 output transformers! From clean to a little sizzly to flat out pushed / aggressive, it's a whole world of choice by varying the output. This is what really adds the sound of electricity to your mix. But most of all, the sound with the Nicerizer is far sweeter than without it. This sound just can't be duplicated inside of a computer - even with all of the fancy 'summing' plug-ins now available (they're cool and all - but they just don't do THIS!).

The stereo width control allows some really good widening or narrowing abilities. But what is really neat about the design is that a normal Sum/Minus circuit will phase out some of your bass signal. Yet the Nicerizer 16 MKII doesn't lose any bass. The width feature, while cool isn't something I felt compelled to reach for all the time. The way that the Nicerizer 16 MKII widens, deepens, and injects BALLS into the audio, is already reason enough.

Phoenix Audio's Nicerizer 16 MKII isn't exactly dirt cheap but makes a real BIG difference that you can truly hear as well as feel. This box translates audio entering the ears into smiles on the faces of the listeners."

Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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