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Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Stereo Mic Preamp, EQ & DI

Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4
Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4
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Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Stereo Mic Preamp, EQ & DI

The Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Stereo Mic Preamp, EQ & DI, a stereo mic preamp with EQ, Line and DI inputs, and Class A design.

Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Stereo Mic Preamp, EQ & DI Details

The Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 is a 4 Band Gyratory-based Eq with 11 selectable frequencies, and Mic, Line, and DI inputs. We know you will be as pleased with it's sonic qualities as we are.

The DRS-Q4 has the advantages of more than 25 years experience in audio engineering, today's component and manufacturing technology, but still retaining "that sound" uniquely achievable through Class A design.

Phoenix Audio International (UK) is dedicated to the development of Class A discrete technology used within high build-quality equipment.

The DRS-Q4 uses our well proven and loved Class A output stage (DSOP-2), but also has our latest breakthrough in transformerless Class A, Discrete, truly-balanced Mic Input Technology which gives a "valve-like" sound. It also incorporates our high input impedance DI circuitry.

Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Stereo Mic Preamp, EQ & DI Specifications

  • 1U unit: With 240V/110V mains voltage input selector switch
  • Class A (DSOP-2) Output specs. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +- 0.5dB,
  • Maximum Output Level: +26dBu @ 1kHz
  • Noise: -90dB @ 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Output connections: XLR and TSR 1/4" Jack on rear
  • Phoenix Audio's unique Class A, transformer-less, True balanced Mic input stage.
  • Microphone/Line input: XLR on Rear Panel
  • DI inputs: ¼" TSR Jack on Front Panel
  • Individual Earth Lift: Push-button Switches
  • Gain Range (Mic input): -30 to -70 in 5dB steps With 10dB more available on the fader.
  • Gain reduction: -30dB push-button Mic/Line switch (Mic input)
  • High Input Impedance DI: Mono 1/4" Jack on front panel (no FETs)
  • Gain Meter: LED Metering. (Green = 0dB, Yellow = +8dB, corresponding to "4" and "6" on a PPM Meter).
  • Phantom Power: Switchable phantom on Push-button Switch
  • High Pass Filter: Roll-off starts at 120Hz @ 12dB per Octave.
  • Phase Reverse: on Push-button Switch
  • Frequency Response Mic Input Stage: -0.4dB @ 40Hz, -0.3dB @ 25kHz
  • Frequency Response: DI Input Stage: -0.3dB @ 40Hz, - 0.5dB @ 25kHz
  • Typical Headroom: +24dB on Mic-Pre stage
  • Gyratory-based EQ Frequency Centres: (4 Bands) High - 15K, 10K, Hi Mid - 6K, 3K, 1K6, Low Mid 800Hz, 400Hz, 200Hz, Low - 130Hz, 80Hz, 40Hz
  • EQ Cut/Boost Levels: 16dB Cut/Boost Per Band
  • DI Stage gain: Maximum of 20dB

Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Stereo Mic Preamp, EQ & DI Downloads

What We Think - Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Review

The Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 grows on your really fast. You don??t have to overdrive it; sure you can balance a high output with lower input and get a harmonically rich sound that sweetens your tracks mids, but you know you want to overdrive it. Talk about adding some growl to a bass guitar, or extra sizzle to a snare. This is a very cool pre amp. I will admit, I like it to be on the cleaner side for my guitar tracks, but there is something about the edge it adds, will have you experimenting with sound. Oh, did I forget to mention it has a killer EQ to contour the character of your tracks, so you can make them that much better on the way in? Well, it does.

- Ryan

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