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Gates and Expanders - Front End Audio sells Gates and Expanders such as Aphex, Alto, Alesis, Drawmer, DBX, Mackie, PreSonus, Samson, Solid State Logic SSL, Tapco and more! We offer Gates and Expanders for all vocal, instrument, studio recording, home recording and live audio applications!! We have an assortment of Single Channel, Dual Channel, Multi Channel, Tube, Valve, and Class A Gates and Expanders.

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Drawmer DS404 Drawmer DS404 4-Channel Noise Gate

Drawmer DS404 4-Channel Noise Gate utilizes new and unique Programme Adaptive circuitry that makes it ideally suited for use over a wide range of input signals, ranging from drums and other percussive instruments through to vocals, pianos and even complete mixes.

List Price: $1,299.00
Our Price: $1,175.00
Drawmer MX40-PRO Drawmer MXPRO40 4-Channel Noise Gate

Drawmer MXPRO40 4-Channel Noise Gate is a high performance, simple to use 1U four channel noise gate offering extraordinary sonic character, ingenuity, and high technical specifications, featuring Peak Punch circuitry and Frequency Conscious System.

List Price: $749.00
Our Price: $597.00
DBX 1074 dbx 1074 Quad Noise Gate

dbx 1074 Quad Noise Gate provides the user with 4 independent channels of noise gate capabilities with threshold, depth and release controls on each channel. Advanced program adaptive circuitry ensures fast attack times to preserve the character of percussive sounds and incredibly smooth release.

List Price: $799.95
Our Price: $529.95