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A Designs REDDI V2 Tube Direct Box

A Designs REDDI V2
A Designs REDDI V2
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A Designs REDDI V2 Tube Direct Box

The A Designs REDDI V2 Tube Direct Box lifts the same tone and sound from the circuit of the original REDDI and puts it into a dual-mono, 2RU 19-inch rackmount chassis, bringing a whole new world of tonal possibility and convenience to keyboard players, guitarists, drum-machinists, and (of course) bass players the world over. Now you can tour the world with your REDDIs safely stowed in your rack!

The A Designs REDDI v2 and REDDI Tube Direct Boxes are a unique circuit. By "unique" we mean the effort placed into the REDDI to produce a sound and character all its own. That effort took A Designs Audio back to a place in time when the Ampeg B15 reigned supreme - making liberal use of tubes and transformers. The A Designs REDDI endeavors to not only rebuild that tone, but also bring that sound to pro audio. Plug a Bass into a REDDI and it's a step back in time. Thick, round, solid sounding Bass notes that sit perfectly in the mix. A Designs REDDI is also great for guitars, synths, and any other electronic instrument that requires a direct box for recording. In fact, some recording engineers have said that REDDI is the "best tube DI ever made."

Tube Direct Box
It is important to note that the A Designs REDDI does not add tremendous amounts of gain as the point of this DI is tone, not huge increases in volume. A tube-based amplifier using the 6N1P output tube feeding an A Designs custom-wound output transformer provides the circuit path for your guitar or bass giving you a sound that you can't get through any other device

Its all about the transformers
With any Tube gear, one of the key factor is transformers; both audio and power supply transformers. A Designs Audio custom-builds their own unique audio output transformer to produce the specific sound they're after. To keep the REDDI at its lowest noise level A Designs employs a special toroid transformer in the power supply - no wall warts or off the shelf transformer here!

Combo XLR/1/4" input connectors
Using the combination XLR and 1/4" input connectors makes the REDDI a more versatile unit. The 1/4" will handle the bass, guitar, keyboards, and MPC/Drum machines, while the XLR can be used with dynamic microphones for recording duties on snare, kick, or other instruments. The REDDI now ships with a 1/4" through-put as well.

Drop Dead Red Metal Casing
It is only fitting that a unique box like the REDDI should look unique. With a long chassis and a fire engine red finish (Red DI, get it?), the REDDI is impossible to miss even in a dark recording studio. The bright blue LED Power indicator can be seen across the stage, which makes the REDDI a very attractive package for both the engineer and musician.

A Designs REDDI V2 Tube Direct Box Features

  • 2RU / 2-Channel Design
  • Vacuum-tube design
  • Tone and sustain forever, clean and airy high end, warmth, transparency, and quality sound
  • 16dB gain
  • Continuously variable level control
  • Ultra-bright blue LED lamp on/off
  • Huge, custom-wound output transformer
  • Neutrik Combo XLR 1/4" Input connector
  • Balanced XLR output connector
  • 1/4" Through-put
  • Heavy-duty Carling toggle ground lift switch
  • Internal power supply
  • Zero Feedback Loop
  • 6NI-P Tubes
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz - 60k Hz
  • Distortion THD: > .08 @ 1 Khz
  • Fire Engine RED metal casing

A Designs REDDI V2 Tube Direct Box Includes

  • REDDI V2
  • IEC Power Cord
  • Manual & Literature
  • GOBS of tube amp tone

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