Front End Audio is run by guys who love gear, recording and all things Pro Audio. Our main purpose is to help our customers find the gear needed to be successful in their recording projects. We do this by sharing our experiences and product knowledge with you so that you can make a decision that is right for you, not based on a dollar amount or what someone else has told you or what is "cool" in the industry. We don't claim to be all things, but we are dedicated to keeping you happy and ensuring your purchase is right for you.

Front End Audio carries many lines ranging from boutique and high-end professional quality tools to entry level products aimed at the home recording enthusiast. We continue to scour the earth for more cool gear to offer so if you see something we don't currently have let us know. Your input is always valued.

Who are we? Basically, Front End Audio is made up of people who love great audio. Our sales staff is made of folks who come from years of professional experience in the recording and live sound industries. From Grammy Award and TEC Award winning albums, Gold and Platinum certified albums, rock, jazz, orchestral, R&B and Hip Hop, our guys have seen and been a part of it all. But we're not just limited to the best of the best gear available - we are normal gear heads with normal budgets just like you. So, when it comes to our studios, we understand bang-for-your-buck and quality, which is why Front End Audio brings many great new products to light. We simply dig gear and what it can do for us - and we make that enthusiasm and experience available to you before and after the sale.

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