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Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface

Sonic Core Scope Xite-1
Sonic Core Scope Xite-1
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Sonic Core Interface



Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface

The Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface, DSP hardware with 38 I/O's! The Scope Xite-1 is a brilliant digital music production system for composition, mix- & mastering, recording, sound design and other applications around professional audio processing.

The Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface is based on the SCOPE Technology, well known for the established excellent sound quality, high degree of operational reliability and flexibility. The products combine powerful software packages and DSP hardware for computers, providing the system with inputs, outputs and DSP processing power. An immense variety of effects, mixers, samplers, synthesizers and other professional tools provide you with a highly flexible studio system that can be adapted to your special requirements.

The Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface does all the high resolution computations for the plug-ins you have loaded in your SCOPE software and handles the incoming audio signals, as well as the routing of all external or software devices on its powerful DSPs.

The sophisticated soft- and hardware architecture permits arbitrary system configurations. So it's your choice how to use your XITE: a mixing desk for recording, mix & mastering, an expressive playable instrument, or an effect rack that feels like good, solid hardware. Or all at the same time. In SCOPE you just load the required plug-ins and wire everything up to your liking. This way you can set up your personal virtual studio, which can be taken everywhere thanks to the optional laptop connectivity through the express card interface. The consistent low latency technology permits a comfortable, analogue like workflow. With SCOPE XITE you have your complete studio in one device.

Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface Features

  • SP based audio platform, 32 bit / 44.1, 48, 96 kHz
  • 19" / 1HE
  • External connection via PCI-Express (PC), ExpressCard- Interface (optional)

Frontside Connections

  • Phones
  • 2 x MIC (phantom power switchable)
  • 2 x instrument inputs with impedance converter
  • Adjustable input level

Backside Connections

  • Analog In/Out symmetric XLR (2 channels, +4 dBu)
  • 2 x ADAT In/Out (16 channels In + 16 channels Out)
  • 2 x Z-Link In/Out (16 channels in + 16 channels out - can not be used with Creamware 2496 converter)
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Wordclock In/Out
  • PCIe
  • XTDM

Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 Audio Interface Specifications

  • Sampler rates: 44.1, 48, 96 kHz
  • Internal audio signals: 32 Bit
  • Control accuracy: 32 Bit
  • Internal word length: up to 80 Bit
  • Format: 19" / 1HE
  • Connection to Desktop PC: PCIe card (included)
  • Connection to Latop PC: EXPRESSCARD (optional)
  • Number of DSP Chips XITE-1: 12xSharc (333 MHz), 6xSharc (60 MHz)
  • Power supply: External power supply 12V
  • Scope of delivery: PCI-Express card, HDMI cable, power supply, installations-CD, Installation manual

Frontside Connections

  • Phones: stereo jack
  • 2 x Mic, Hi-Z oder Line: XLR jack
  • Phantom power: 48 V (switchable)
  • Volume and gain control: Complete control range
  • Pad: Gain reduction - 20 dB

Backside Connections

  • Analog Stereo: XLR symmetric, stereo in and out
  • AES/EBU: XLR, 2 channels
  • 2 x ADAT In/Out: 16 channels in + 16 channels out
  • 2 x Z-Link In/Out: 16 channels in + 16 channels out
  • MIDI: MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Wordclock: Input output
  • XTDM: Expansion slot
  • PCIe: Connection via HDMI cable to PC

SCOPE v5.1 Software Package

  • Mixers: 7 different mixers
  • Instruments: more than 18 different
  • Modular-System: over 300 modules, over 100 patches
  • Effects: more than 60 effects

About Scope DSP

The Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 DSP Audio Platform is a brilliant digital music production system for composition, mix- & mastering, (live-) recording, sound design and other applications around professional audio processing. The Sonic Core SCOPE DSP Audio Platform is made up of the SCOPE v5.1 software, which is your PC - based virtual studio environment, and the Sonic Core DSP-Hardware, which is in charge of the sample accurate computation of the audio signals and represents the interface between your virtual studio and your external hardware. Scope Xite-1 offers you excellent sound of best quality for your ambitious music productions. Refine your instruments and vocals with high quality effects to get a transparent, expressive mixdown. Use the Scope Xite-1 instruments to complete and enhance the sonic impression of your composition.

The Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 DSP Audio Platform offers unique extensions to your existing hardware for individual and best quality sound. Using the DSP Plug Ins you will quickly hear how much better your productions sound. Of course you can keep using all of your native software and external hardware. Thanks to its low latency audio performance a SCOPE System easily connects the native software world with your external audio equipment. The integrative concept of a Scope Xite-1 will in any case enrich your setup.

Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 DSP Audio Platform is a real classic and has set standards. Even if you don't know it: you already have heard Scope Xite-1. And you can be sure it was in a music production that really impressed you. The instruments and effects from Scope Xite-1 have a characteristically vivid, full and warm sound. Especially the timeless sound of the virtual analog synthesizers get below the skin. No other digital audio solution has such a transparent and authentic sound like Scope Xite-1. Besides, maybe, the originals themselves.

That's why the charming, sensitive and incredible sound from Scope Xite-1 is for example used in film productions, where it is important to touch and embrace the audience. The excellent sound from Scope Xite-1 emerges in all kinds of audio productions and live acts through its exceptional liveliness, depth and dynamics. With Scope Xite-1 your composition will easily catch the audience with energy, emotion and charm.

Scope Xite-1 is an insider tip and a mighty musical magic box that will meet your demand. Scope Xite-1 has the possibilities at hand you were always looking for. To express what it's all about. Create what music means for you: magic!

The considerable DSP power of the platform itself allows for implementing only sophisticated top-notch algorithms, we have always focused on quality. For example, the synthesizers on our platform rarely provide extensive polyphony but the sound just blows right into your face. There is, however, one more technological motive: The employed SHARC DSP was specifically designed to perform high-resolution audio processing. It always processes the audio with a 32-bit resolution, and algorithms and parameters are computed with a floating-point resolution of even 40 bits. If there are no such powerful structures at hand, programmers will have to make compromises regarding the resolution (accuracy) again and again for performance purposes; so the weakest link in the processing chain will often determine the sound. With SHARCs, however, you never have to compromise: the highest resolution is maintained during the entire process without affecting the performance. You can hear it in the results.

Scope DSP Features

  • Most powerful, mobile realtime audio system
  • Excellent Sound, highest quality plug-ins
  • High flexibility for creative, inspired work
  • Compatible to actual sequencer software with ASIO
  • Full VST integration of the SCOPE Plug-Ins
  • Virtual analog synthesizer at its best
  • The magic of natural harmonics

PC System Requirements

  • PC with a free PCIe-Slot (using a SCOPE XITE-1) or a PC with a free PCI-Slot (using a Sonic Core respectively Creamware DSP-Card)
  • Intel- or AMD-Processor, 1 to 4 Cores, clock frequency at least 1,2 GHz
  • Minimum 2 - 4 GB RAM
  • Windows XP 32bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 7 32bit / 64 bit

Notebook System Requirements

  • SCOPE XITE-1 can be connected to a notebook using the Sonic Core ExpressCard-Interface
  • ExpressCard-Slot
  • Intel- or AMD-Processor, 1 to 4 Cores, clock frequency at least 1,2 GHz
  • Minimum 2 to 4 GB RAM
  • Windows XP 32bit / 64 bit
  • Windows 7 32bit / 64 bit

Sequencer Software Compatibility

  • Every software using an ASIO interface
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Steinberg Nuendo
  • Cakewalk Sonar
  • Magix Samplitude
  • Ableton Live
  • many more

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
XITE'd February 20, 2016
Reviewer: Reuel Pruyn from Buffalo, NY United States  
Although the XITE may be considered a synthesizer based box, it truly is an 'all-in-one' studio package for a pro-sumer or professional. I've been an audio tech for decades and have seen/heard/tried almost all of the gear that is out there, and the capabilities of the XITE are stunning and stellar. One should appreciate that audio DSPs are the workhorses of name-brand outboard gear, and that they can be configured to accomplish whatever audio task one desires depending upon the algorithm loaded into them. Suffice to say, the XITE-1 has actually been on the map and performing flawlessly before the UAD Apollos even hit the drawing board...care to guess which market they were going for?

If you are a home recorder who cares about quality and longevity, this is the only box you should consider as the foundation of your home recording rig.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Overwhelmingly impressed! November 1, 2013
Reviewer: Bryan Washington from Dallas, TX United States  
I have used scope in a professional capacity for 15 years.The improvements and additions to the Scope platform over the years always surprised my ears. The Xite-1 is no exception. It is leaps and bounds beyond in DSP power and management. The build quality is gorgeous machined aluminum on black chassis. The additional preamps sparkle, and have replaced my in-line solution and external ($800+) preamp. The output is also cleaner than that of my external da, and XLR.
What I also didn't expect was to receive as many devices as I did, the cables it came with and the exemplary service and shipping from Front-End Audio and Sonic-Core North America.
Kudos to both for enabling me to use the best hardware ever made.
It is way more hardware and software than it looks like. Truly integrates ALL of your gear!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Scope sounds excellent. August 1, 2013
Reviewer: Omer Torlakovic from WILLMOT, NSW Australia  
I wanted to wait a little while after it's arrived before I could do a honest review.

It comes with a plenty of stock synths which sound good and definitely a sound quality upgrade from pure native.
It allows you to "rewire" your sequencer using the XITE-1 drivers and mix and master within the scope environment. It's not really rewire and in fact its much better.. you'll see :)

To summarise, Scope XITE-1 is a very high quality piece of gear that allows you to upgrade your DAW to the next level in terms of functionality.

Highlights are

Low latency soundcard...
No latency between the environment and your sequencer.
SOUND QUALITY. My mixdowns/productions have stepped up definitely and I am no noob...  Less effort to get "the sound" with less effects than before.
Massive DSP power
Best ITB reverbs I've heard. (easily)
Massive routing capabilities
This review does not do justice to the power of this box.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
An excellent addition to my studio December 29, 2009
Reviewer: Daniel Sammut from Moscow, Russia  
Sonic Core's Xite-1 is an incredible piece of equipment that has become the heart of my home studio.

It's difficult to describe the sound of Xite's plugins as words like 'warmer', 'fuller' and 'vibrant' are very subjective but for me, that's what they sound like. I tried routing a mix I was working on in Ableton Live through one of Scope's mixers and I immediately noticed the depth, clarity and 'punch' my mix had that was lacking before.

Working with the Scope environment is like working with a hardware-filled studio. The environment is incredibly flexible - you can route anything to anywhere.

However, you lose the integration of working with your DAW's mixer. You have to save a Scope project separately to your DAW's session. In this way, your DAW becomes an extension to Scope rather than the other way round.

For those who'd prefer to mix in their DAW and use the Xite's plugins in their DAW's mixer, this is possible using Scope's XTC mode.

Was this review helpful to you?