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Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12 2-Channel AD/DA Converter Assembly

Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12
Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12
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Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12 2-Channel AD/DA Converter Assembly

Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel AD / 2-Channel DA Converter Assembly

Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12 2-Channel AD/DA Converter Assembly Details
The Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12 world class 2 channel AD/DA. This unit includes the M.AD824 2 channel A/D converter, M.DA824 2 channel D/A converter, and M.SYNC Master Clock sync board.

The LavryBlue 4496 is a system that may be ordered in several A/D and D/A configurations ranging from 2 to 8 channels (up to 4 stereo modules) in each 1U 19 inch rack mountable chassis. With room for two more modules, the 4496-12 offers room for growth. Most modules can be added by the user to an existing 4496 (with space) for added functionality as needs change. Other optional configurations include dual channel professional microphone preamps. MicPre??s are ??double width? for 2 channels plus conversion or 4 channels MicPre in each chassis.

LavryBlue M∙AD824 AD Converter and M.SYNC Board Features
  • 2 channels of sonically transparent Lavry A-to-D conversion
  • M∙SYNC master clock module controls all AD modules in a 4496 frame for ??phase accurate? multi channel recording.
  • Ultra-stable internal crystal operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Narrow external lock for ultra-stable operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Wide lock mode for non-standard sample rates or vari-speed operation
  • 24 bit, 16 bit and 16 bit plus dither and Acoustic Bit Correction noise shaping.
  • Analog and Digital Saturation modes allow hotter recording levels
    Digital level metering with ??clipping? indicators and peak hold
  • Reference mode for calibration to studio standard levels
  • SPDIF compatible AES/XLR digital output
LavryBlue M∙DA824 DA Converter Features
  • 2 channels of sonically transparent Lavry D-to-A conversion
  • CrystalLock mode eliminates the effects of source jitter on conversion
  • CrystalLock and Narrow modes operate at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Wide mode accommodates non-standard sample rates and vari-speed
  • Clocking from AES/SPDIF input requires no user settings when changing sample rates and allows the DA module to operate asynchronously and at different sample rates than the AD converter. For example: monitor 44.1 kHz CD and record 96 kHz simultaneously with one 4496 rack.
  • Constant conversion delay maintains phase accuracy in multi channel MDA systems.
  • This unit operates with AC power from 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
What We Think - Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-12 Review
"Traditionally, top engineers and studios across the planet have purchased Lavry Engineering digital converters when they DON'T want to hear a digital converter changing their audio in ways that they don't intend. While staying true to the performance reputation of the Gold series (like the AD122, for example), Lavry Engineering's modular Blue series changes the game a little bit. Aside from a completely configurable rackmount modular architecture, the BLUE series still offers some of the finest 'no-artifact' conversion available while also adding features such as 'Analog Soft Saturation' (an analog peak limiter before conversion) and 'Digital Soft Saturation' (analog tape overdrive emulation). Now, you can be protected from accidental 'overs' and/or a little 'character' can be added to the signal. Rest assured that this is no gimmicky feature. Lavry only does it if it's right. My personal experience with Lavry Engineering converters convinced me years ago that Dan Lavry makes some of the finest converters available anywhere... and we're talking about putting two stages of Lavry conversion up against the raw source mix off of a half-inch Studer. The affect of two stages of conversion (AD and DA) was barely detectable. This is practically unheard of... and this was using a Lavry design from about the mid-nineties!  The Blue series really should be considered by anyone who wants to do perfect digital, whether it be for tracking, monitoring, mastering, etc... Lavry Engineering products should be your final stop in your quest."
Alan Moon - Front End Audio

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What a difference a Great A-D makes April 30, 2011
Reviewer: Sandor from Bonny Doon, CA United States  
A sound engineer I know (who has a terrific set of ears!) once told me that he thought that the improvement in recording quality that a top-notch analog to digital converter could make (over a run-of-the-mill one, like those built into most dedicated recording devices) was only about 10% (better). Well if the Lavry Blue converters are only 10% better than those in my Yamaha AW2400 recorder, then I must say that THAT'S STILL A HELL OF A DIFFERENCE! When I A-B'ed the same recording made through the Yamaha's and the Lavry's converters, the Lavry recordings sounded SO MUCH MORE real; dynamic, rich. The bass was full and not as muddy; the highs were clear and chrisp and less brittle. At least by my ears, it certainly isn't a subtle difference!! The Lavry 4496 is well built, flexible (you can add ADs or DAs, as need dictates. And it's built-in clock works like a charm. It's pricier than lots of those firewire converters, but ultimately, you get what you pay for!

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