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  Genelec 8240APM GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package

Genelec 8240A
Genelec 8240A
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Genelec 8240A GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package Details

The Genelec 8240A GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package from Front End Audio gives you everything you need to run Genelec's impressive DSP monitors in your studio. Included are a pair of Genelec 8240A DSP studio monitors, Genelec's GLM Control Network Hardware & Software Package (required for accessing and setting up the DSP component of the monitors - includes 8200A measurement microphone and GLM Network Interface), a pair of Mogami's 15 foot Gold Studio Quad Neglex XLR cables, as well as a pair of 12 Foot Mogami Gold AES / EBU Cables (Let us know if your setup requires other cabling - we're flexible!).

The Genelec 8240A may be the perfect size studio monitor for matching the need for a full size monitor in the home-studio environment to needing accurate imaging and frequency reproduction in the larger control rooms of today's professional studios. Plenty of power is available for exceptional headroom and clear, even, dynamic reproduction at all volume levels you will need to visit when tracking and mixing.

The DSP component of the system can accomplish amazing feats of room correction where other such systems fall flat and even acoustic treatments can't save the day. While we (Front End Audio) always recommend acoustic treatments, even in conjunction with DSP systems), you can't always take a sledgehammer to the walls and get into heavy construction to solve the real issues plaguing your room. Consider the cost of construction... then consider the bargain of the Genelec DSP system. Not a bad deal. The best part (and where other systems can't even compare) is that the monitors still are Genelecs when the DSP is engaged. Other systems completely change the response characteristics of the monitors being used; they can't just correct the frequency inaccuracies. So, as a result, the 3rd party systems leave you with a different monitor than what you started with. Again, not-so with the Genelec system. If you're a longtime Genelec user, then you'll be right at home using these monitors with the DSP engaged.

The GLM system can accomplish the seemingly impossible feat of accurate stereo image shifting to another location in the room and store it. In fact, you can store several locations to shift the image to. Why? When you're producer is on the couch at the back of the room, do you really want to have to ask her to get up and come up to the mix position to hear what you're talking about? Simply sling the image back their way (you'll probably want to have the GLM running on a separate laptop computer than the main DAW computer). This feature becomes really handy for film and television mixers who can now shift the image to the director and producers seated often up and behind them in a film mixing theater. The possibilities for your particular applications are endless.

Genelec 8240A GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package Features

  • Pair of the Genelec 8240A DSP Studio Monitors
  • Genelec GLM GLM Control Network Hardware & Software Package
  • Pair of Mogami's 15 foot Gold Studio Quad Neglex XLR cables
  • Pair of Mogami's 12 foot Gold AES / EBU cables

Genelec 8240A GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package Specifications

  • Input format: Analog and Digital
  • Input word length: 16 -24 bits
  • Digital Input: AES/EBU (single/dual wire)
  • Connector type: XLR female input
  • Input sampling rate: 32 -192 kHz
  • Control network: Proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager network (GLM™)
  • System calibration: AutoCal, GLM manual, Stand-alone
  • SPL
    • Maximum short time sine wave acoustic output at 1 m on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz & ≥ 105 dB SPL
    • Maximum peak acoustic output per pair with music material ≥115 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Drivers
    • Bass: 6.5"
    • Treble: 3/4" metal dome
    • Crossover frequencies: 3 kHz
    • Free field frequency response: 48 Hz - 20 kHz (± 1 dB)
  • Amplifier power /ch
    • Bass 90 W
    • Treble 90 W
  • Speaker dimensions (H x W x D)
    • mm 350 x 237 x 223 mm (Height with Iso-Pod™ 365 mm)
    • inches 13 13/16 x 9 3/8 x 8 13/16" (Height with Iso-Pod™ 14 3/8")
  • Speaker weight: 9.4 kg (20.8 lb)

Genelec 8240A GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package Downloads


What We Think

"We put the Genelec 8240APM GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package together as a comprehensive solution for the discriminating studio and engineer looking for immense power both in sound quality and accuracy combined with the power to enact precise room acoustics corrections across the entire frequency spectrum, as well as recall acoustics-samplings from various points in the room and recall them at will - thus shifting the stereo image to that location. We at Front End Audio use the Genelec 8240APM GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package in our studio and we couldn't be happier with the results. With the system we are able to 'sample the acoustical DNA', if you will, of the listening space and actually get an accurate read on what is happening in the room as a result of the sweeps on each monitor. And once we have that, it's possible to identify specific problems in the room and actual opportunities for corrections that you can make to free up the GLM System to address more specific issues. Again, this addresses the entire audible frequency spectrum - not just the single dominant 'room mode' frequency. The GLM System and 8200 Series Genelec Digital Studio Monitors make it possible to attain a monitor consistency from control room to control room, making them the ideal choice for the freelance engineer who travels with their own monitors. Give us a call and we can help you select the right Genelec Digital Monitor System for your needs."

Alan Moon - Front End Audo

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Genelec 8240A GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package August 13, 2012
Reviewer: Chris Munson from Richmond, KY United States  
Many thanks to Alan at Front End for suggesting this monitor system.  This has completely changed the mixing game for me.  I am hearing things that just never came through on other monitor systems I've owned in the past.  This is the most satisfied I have been with a product purchase in a long, long time!

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