Zaor MIZA Stand MKII Monitor Stands (Pair)

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Product Code: 9999-17755
Zaor MIZA Stand MKII
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Zaor MIZA Stand MKII Monitor Stands

The Zaor MIZA Stand MKII Monitor Stands were designed with two main criteria in mind: They should be affordable and yet designed to the best standards of technical performance and design.

ZAOR selected the same materials as for the other items in the MIZA range, but with two particulars, that make it a very professional and highly useable speaker stand. First, added a pad of AERSTOP on top of the stand, that helps isolate the speaker from the stand, reducing the propagation of lower frequency content through the speaker to the floor and thus the room. and Second, they are adjustable in height!

Zaor MIZA Stand MKII Monitor Stands Features

  • Solid construction & resonance free
  • Holds up to 44 lbs of weight
  • Lockable mechanism for high safety
  • Adjustable between 33.75” and 47.5” height
  • Topplate 9” x 8.4”
  • Foot 12.7” x 11.5”
  • Foam pad for speaker decoupling
  • Matching colors with MIZA line

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