Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker

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Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker

Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker

Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker Details

The newest cabinet in the Elite line, the Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker delivers its full power into the high quality 15-inch woofer and titanium driver housed in the solid 5/8-inch birch plywood trapezoid cabinet. Ideal for demanding touring and rental applications, the E1152 uses Yorkville's proven CTL high frequency driver protection ensures maximum reliability even in the most demanding club or concert hall.

A modified trapezoidal shape and recessed input jack panel and handles mean these Elite cabinets can function perfectly as a wedge monitor or front-of-house loudspeaker. Unlike some 'multi-function' loudspeakers currently in the marketplace, great care has been taken in the design process to ensure that ©lite cabinets will perform without compromising functionality as either a monitor or a front-of-house enclosure. Neither application was considered as an afterthought. Several of the ©lite loudspeakers are loaded with 80° x 50° rotatable ABS Waveguide horn assemblies (the E10 utilizes a 100° x 25° horn). The ability to rotate the horn assembly ensures that the cabinet can provide optimum high frequency dispersion when the loudspeaker is used in either a vertical, horizontal or arrayed application.

Integrated stand mount adapters and flyware means these enclosures can be utilized in any permanent install or touring application. In addition, the modified cabinet shape means the ©lite series can be installed much closer to vertical surfaces and in some cases, under balconies in tight locations, and can be arrayed in a much tighter less obtrusive cluster. The majority of the ©lite range feature seamless driver interaction through sophisticated high-slope passive networks and ingenious component protection schemes. Rugged jackplates are inset and include a combination of both Speakon and 1/4" phone jack inputs.

PTC is an ingenious current sensing / self resetting breaker that offers some serious advantages over current protection schemes used in many loudspeaker cabinets. This protection scheme, while always present in the signal path, remains inaudible until it becomes necessary for it to react. It kicks in at a point where it effectively reduces output to the horn and protects that diaphragm from damage due to excessive power input or signal distortion. Unlike a breaker it does not require a physical reset to allow signal back to the horn driver, and unlike a bulb or fuse, does not need to be replaced if the circuit is tripped, and the fuse is blown.

Where PTC shines is in heavy feedback environments where most horn diaphragm damage occurs. In rare situations even where a microphone might be dropped in a monitor, the sustained 'squeal' can destroy diaphragms in seconds. PTC will significantly reduce output level to the horn to protect the diaphragm. When the situation has been rectified, and the feedback eliminated the horn will return to full operating level within half a second.

The E2152 features the ATP (Active-Transistor) protection system, which allows the horn driver to operate at levels significantly above those required for normal operation. The ATP brickwall element of the protection circuit uses power transistors configured to operate linearly yet have the fast attack required to protect against harmful transients. Along with ATP, the crossover also incorporates air core coils and polypropylene capacitors to guarantee reliable and distortion free operation at extreme levels. The sonic benefit is higher output and greater transparency when operating at high levels.

Full function stereo analog processors that are configurable for passive or bi-amp operation, as well as live or recorded music applications make sure that your ©lite system is always tuned and ready. All ©lite cabinets feature a specially reinforced driver mounting system that makes sure the horn drivers will still be attached to the horns when you get to the show. The ABS or composite horns are pressure fitted to the driver which is bolted to the internal driver support.

Custom ABS plastic and composite horns are specifically designed for each cabinet and manufactured right in our factory for optimum quality control. This insures proper waveguide output for better clarity and lower distortion. Curved metal grilles absorb shocks evenly to resist dings and dents while eliminating frequency resonance. The trapezoidal cabinet shape allows for arrayable performance without phase cancellation.

All ©lite cabinets feature attractively recessed bar handles. Great care is taken to make sure that they "stay out of the way", but are easy to get at when you need them. Tilt back wheels and top-mounted handles are standard issue on the larger cabinets such as the E215, E2152, LS1208 and LS1004.

Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker Features

  • 4000 Watt Full Range Loudspeaker (2000 Watts Program)
  • 15-inch Neodymium Woofer
  • Max SPL 133dB Peak (130dB Continuous)
  • Titanium HF Driver w/ 3-inch Voicecoil
  • Trapezoidal Front-of House Cabinet
  • 60° x 50° High Pressure Die-Cast Polyurethane Foam Horn
  • Innovative CTL High Frequency Driver Protection
  • 2 x Speakon Inputs 1 x Full Range 1/4-inch Input)
  • Integrated All Metal Speaker Standmount Adaptor
  • Solid 5/8-inch (15mm) Birch Plywood Construction
  • Made in Canada

Yorkville E1152 Elite Series Passive Loudspeaker Specifications

  • System Type: Two-Way
  • Active or Passive: Passive
  • Program Power (Watts): 2000 Watts (4000 Peak / 1000 Continuous)
  • Biampable: Yes
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms): 4
  • Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m): 97
  • Max SPL (dB): 133dB Peak (130dB Continuous)
  • Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB): 50 - 18k
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz): 850
  • Driver Configuration: 15-inch / 3-inch
  • HF Driver(s): 3-inch Titanium Driver / 1.4-inch throat
  • HF Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • HF Horn: ABS Waveguide (1.4 inch Throat)
  • HF Dispersion ( DEG H x DEG V): 60 x 50
  • HF Protection: CTL
  • LF Driver(s): 15-inch Woofer/ 4-inch Voicecoil
  • LF Impedance (Ohms): 4
  • Inputs - 1/4 IN Jacks: 1
  • Inputs - Speakon 4-pin: 2
  • Feet: Yes
  • Flying Hardware: 3/8-inch x 9 (All Corners)
  • Bar Handles: 2
  • Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8 IN -3.5cm): Yes
  • Enclosure Materials: 15mm (5/8inch) 11-ply Russian Birch
  • Grille: Perforated Metal
  • Covering / Finish: Black Ozite (Carpet)
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW COM inches): 18 x 20 x 29
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW COM cm): 45.8 x 50.1 x 73.7
  • Weight (lbs/kg): 80 / 36.3

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