Yorkville CX80 CX Series Passive Loudspeaker

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Yorkville CX80 CX Series Passive Loudspeaker

Yorkville CX80 CX Series Loudspeaker

Yorkville CX80 Details
The CX80 has a complete list of features that make them an extremely good value for small format live audio. The CX80 is a compact 100 watt loudspeaker made from an ABS plastic enclosure with an 8 inch driver and 1 inch mylar tweeter, and features both dual 1/4" connectors and one Speakonâ"¢ for maximum versatility.

Shipped ready for polemounting on either a speaker stand, or on a polemount style wall mount bracket, they are a very versatile and cost-effective solution where superior sonic quality is required for small applications, or as a repeater or fill cabinet in larger venues.

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