Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor

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Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor

Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor

Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor Details

Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor developed and manufactured in the United States, have earned acclaim around the world. The new Mark V series represents a complete redesign of the previous Concert Club IV lineup, introducing three front-of-house models, three subwoofers, and three monitor models. While maintaining the superb portability and ease of placement that characterized previous generations, as well as the same design concept and stunning sound, the Mark V series represents a new level of performance overall. Club V loudspeakers with the C prefix are finished with a heavy-duty elastomer spray coating. Designed as an installation alternative to the carpeted S versions, they are an excellent match for any d©cor. The finish is very tough, and can be repainted to match any interior. The steel grilles are foam-lined with acoustically transparent material to provide a more unobtrusive appearance.

Yamaha Club Speakers' first four generations have been made incredibly popular by gigging bands, mobile DJs and houses of worship. The refinements of generation V continue this success story: larger enclosures for improved low-frequency performance, improved drivers for higher power handling, redesigned crossovers, stronger grilles, and dual Speakon® and ¼" connectors.

Once again, with professional features, excellent sonic performance and great value, Yamaha Club Series loudspeakers deliver premium quality night after night.

Yamaha has a long history of both making and reproducing music. The Club series V loudspeakers represent the latest in Yamaha's continuing effort to provide the professional features and sound quality you've come to expect and deserve. Built in the United States, these loudspeakers are designed to provide years of service. high power handling and excellent response have made Club Series loudspeakers the perfect choice for more than 16 years. Whether playing in a band, DJing, or upgrading the sound system at your church or school, with an expanded line-up of over twenty models to choose from, you're sure to find the right loudspeaker. Have a look at what goes into their construction.

Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor Features

  • Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitors' Cabinets are constructed of high quality particleboard, chosen for its high strength and elasticity, consistent void free makeup and light weight. Another great benefit of this material is its environmental friendliness. Made from southern yellow pine, this material is both abundant and quickly renewable. Accurate CNC routing machines are used to cut every part, assuring consistency with tolerances of one ten thousandth of an inch. Skilled technicians assemble each cabinet by hand, rejecting any defects. Whether covered in durable carpet or the elastomeric spray coating, heavy steel handles and sturdy pole sockets make moving and positioning easy.
  • The drivers, or speakers in CM10V cabinets, are custom made by Eminence Speaker Corporation® to Yamaha's exacting tolerances. Woofers share design features like high strength curvilinear cones and Dupont Kaptonâ"¢ voice coil formers. Oxygen-free copper voice coils and oversize strontium ferrite magnets are also used to provide high power handling and long life. The 15" and 18" drivers use cast aluminum frames to support the massive magnet structure, eliminate flex and help dissipate the heat high power operation can generate. The compression driver in the full range cabinets that generates the high frequency sound uses a pure titanium diaphragm. This 2" dome is one of the largest in its class, allowing for very high output and low distortion, without the aid of cooling fluids. It's mated to a 90° x 40° custom designed CD (constant directivity) horn with excellent dispersion and response.(CM10V and SM10V use a 1â? dome compression driver with a 40° x 60° dispersion pattern).
  • Crossover networks that divide the signal going to the woofer and compression driver are constructed with oversized coils, high voltage capacitors, and power resistors designed to provide the best possible sound quality and minimize loss. Overload protection is also included to protect the components
  • Connections on Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitors are dual Neutrik Speakon® ¼ jacks for the highest possible strength and current capacity. Two of each connector makes it easy to "daisy chain," or add speakers.

Yamaha CM10V Passive Monitor Specifications

  • Monitor: 10" floor monitor
  • Driver: 1" titanium dome compression driver
  • Flexibility: Can also be used as a main speaker
  • Design: Great where size is a concern
  • Width: 556mm
  • Height: 349mm
  • Depth: 273mm
  • Weight: 13.3kg
  • Enclosure: Bass Reflex Type
  • Speaker unit (LF): 10" cone
  • Speaker unit (HF): 1" V.C.driver
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz-20KHz
  • Power Capacity (Noise): 125W
  • Power Capacity (Program): 250W
  • Power Capacity (Maximum): 500W
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 96db SPL (1W, 1m)
  • Nominal Dispersion(Horizontal): 40°
  • Nominal Dispersion(Vertical): 60°
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.8kHz
  • Input Connectors: 1/4 " Phone Jack x 2, Neutrik Speakon NL4MP x 2

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