Waves DigiGrid MGO & SGS1 Server System

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Waves DigiGrid MGO & SGS1 Server System

The Waves DigiGrid MGO & SGS1 Server System is the most comprehensive solution for processing, recording and virtual soundchecking with any Optical MADI-enabled console.

Including SoundGrid Server One, DiGiGrid MGO Optical MADI-to-SoundGrid interface, network switch, CAT 6 network cables, MultiRack SoundGrid application (FREE) and five must-have plugins for live mixing.

Waves DigiGrid MGO & SGS1 Server System Features

  • Primary components required for establishing a SoundGrid network
  • MGO (Optical) interface – Compatible with any MADI-enabled console and most DAWs
  • Run up to 300 plugins with super low-latency
  • Complete redundancy & recovery capabilities
  • Includes Waves Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance EQ, IR-Live, H-Delay

Waves DigiGrid MGO & SGS1 Server System Includes

  • Digigrid MGO
  • SGS1 Server
  • 8-Port Switch
  • CAT 6 Network Cables
  • MultiRack
  • StudioRack
  • eMotion ST Mixer
  • SoundGrid Studio Application

What We Think

Waves' DiGiGrid and SoundGrid technology is changing my audio life... very much for the better! I do quite a bit of both studio recording and mixing AND live sound mixing and live show recording. So, the SoundGrid network is a natural choice for me and the DiGiGrid interfaces solve so much when it comes to having to meet the requirements of premium sound and build quality, expandable infrastructure (just add another interface to the existing setup), bang-for-the-buck, and insanely low system latency (0.8ms!!!).

Let's discuss the audio quality. The DiGiGrid hardware is all manufactured by DiGiCo who makes some of the most lust-worthy digital live sound consoles. Waves' partnership with DiGiCo is nothing short of genius. DiGiCo is a master of networking and of premium quality audio design. They didn't exactly reinvent the wheel where the DiGiGrid hardware is concerned. I mean, why reinvent the wheel? They simply ported over their existing microphone preamplifier and digital conversion designs. The result is simply stunning. Pulling up old sessions and starting new mixes quickly made me sit up and take notice; this was no

The features of the DiGiGrid IOX make it the obvious choice for live sound setups, which will likely sport 2 to 3 DiGiGrid IOX in tandem with either the DiGiGrid D or the DiGiGrid IOC at front-of-house (and for control room duties). But the DiGiGrid IOX is also a great place to start for someone planning on a larger system who needs more than the 8 channels offered on the 8 x 8 DiGiGrid IOS (Impact Server inside) and who might want to have a larger server in the long run. But if you already have your preferred set of preamps and converters on hand, then there are several ways to tie them into the SoundGrid network, whether it be through the DiGiGrid IOC with it's 16 Channels of AES/EBU (Tascam Standard) on 2 x DB25 connectors, 8 x channels of ADAT optical I/O, or 8 x 8 Analog Line I/O (it also has 2 mic preamps making talkback and RTA functions handy both for live and studio + 2 headphone amps). And if you have a MADI equipped set of converters such as with the Ferrofish, RME, Antelope Orion 32 or Orion 32+, Burl Mothership, Solid State Logic, or other MADI expandable converters such as the Mytek Digital 8x192 or Lynx Aurora, the DiGiGrid MGO (Optical) or DiGiGrid MGB (BNC) will get you connected according to your specific converters' needs.

Once you have the DiGiGrid hardware infrastructure in place, you're able to outfit and expand at will. For live sound, you can pair it with eMotion LV1 mixer, suitable computer w/ touchcreen monitors and you've got a serious, top flight live mixing system capable of running Waves and 3rd party SoundGrid compatible plugins directly on each channel, bus, etc. And in the studio, the SoundGrid studio application gives you an insane amount of routing capabilities as well as the eMotion ST studio mixer for creating zero-latency input headphone monitoring mixes, etc.

The bottom line is that these systems are still relatively under the radar - mainly because there's a lot for people to wrap their heads around. But while I wouldn't exactly recommend an advanced system to a beginner, it's not terribly difficult to comprehend - especially not when you purchase your DiGiGrid system through Front End Audio. You get our before and after the sale support. So, you'll never be left there hanging.

If you've got questions, feel free to give us a call: 888-228-4530

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