Waldorf CMP1 Eurorack Compression Module

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Waldorf CMP1 Eurorack Compression Module

The Waldorf CMP1 Eurorack Compression Module is a high-end analog compressor that not only adds punch to your signal but also can be modulated in intriguing and unconventional ways.

Side-chaining with an adjustable balance control opens a huge set of programming options possible only with Eurorack. Features attack and release controls, automatic and manual modes, hard and soft knee compression, as well as output gain and bleed of the original signal.

Waldorf CMP1 Eurorack Compression Module Features

  • True analog high-end compressor
  • Flexible side-chaining
  • Control path based on controllable balance of side and main signal
  • RMS and Peak modes
  • Threshold and compression controllable from panel with additional CV-inputs
  • Attack & Release in manual or automatic mode
  • Hard- and soft-knee compression
  • Bleed control for mixing original signal with compressed output
  • Overall gain control
  • Separate output of detector signal for use as envelope follower
  • Additional level control input for optional use as exponential VCA

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