Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition Volume 1 Essential Orchestra Collection

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VSL Essential Orchestra
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Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition Volume 1 Essential Orchestra Collection

Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition Volume 1 Essential Orchestra

Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition Details

This Special Edition brings together the complete orchestra â?" and more â?" in an affordable DVD Collection. It is the ideal, resource-saving companion for orchestral arrangements on the laptop, or for newcomers to the world of Vienna Instruments, offering a useful cross-section of Vienna Symphonic Libraryâ??s over one million samples.

The Standard Library includes 28 instruments and ensembles, covering large post-romantic instrumentation. It contains solo and ensemble strings, solo instruments and ensembles of the brass section, woodwinds ranging from piccolo flute to contra bassoon, harp, drums and percussion as well as celesta and the Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano. The Extended Library contains 35 additional instruments which enhance the symphonic variety of the Vienna Special Edition.

Apart from the basic articulations, all string and wind instruments include the Legato Performances characteristic of the Vienna Symphonic Library: real note transitions up to a one octave range are played automatically by the algorithms of Vienna Instruments when the user plays legato notes.

The Vienna Special Edition Full Library contains 81 GB of uncompressed sample data in 44.1kHz/24-bit. Due to an innovative optimization process, the Vienna Instruments engine decompresses the samples in real-time, so that they take up only 54 GB of space on your hard disk. Please note: Even if you licensed the Standard Library only, the Full Library of your Collection gets installed on your hard drive since Standard and Extended Library canâ??t be separated due to structural database requirements.

If you want to add further articulations to the instruments of the Vienna Special Edition, you might want to check out the Special Edition PLUS that is available as a DVD collection or as instrument group downloads.

Please note that you canâ??t expand your Vienna Special Edition DVD Standard Library with the Vienna Special Edition Download Extended Library, but only with the DVD Extended Library. However, itâ??s possible to expand the Vienna Special Edition DVD Collection with the Special Edition PLUS Download Collections. Check out this overview on your Special Edition expansion possibilities.

Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition System Requirements

  • PC Intel/AMD with Windows XP/VISTA/7 32 and 64 bit versions (Core 2 Duo/Xeon recommended) or
  • Apple G4 (G5 or Intel Core 2 Duo/Xeon processor recommended) with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
  • Fast separate hard drive with 80.0 GB free space for Standard and Extended Library
  • ViennaKey (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device or other eLicenser)
  • DVD drive for installation
  • VST (OS X, Win XP), AU (Mac) or RTAS (Mac) compatible host - also works stand-alone
  • eLicenser License Control Center or higher (the latest available version from is highly recommended)
  • 88 key master keyboard (highly recommended)

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  • 5
    Good Orchestral Instrument

    Posted by Dr. Rat on Feb 25th 2013

    Ordering from FrontEnd was fast and easy. Download/install/licensing/config took awhile, but went smooth. Licensed fine on a Steinberg key.
    Instruments sound realistic and alive. The solo instruments are great (using mostly for small ensemble work).
    Takes some time to tweak the patches and get the controllers figured out to get the most out of the sounds. Doesn't wow right out of the box, but tons of fantastic raw material to make it really sing the way you want. Just put the time in.
    Low CPU load (5 instruments are 10% on an i3).
    Less articulations that the full libs, but more than enough for lots of situations. If you're not doing avant garde jazz or scoring for a mainstream film...
    Very happy with it. I'd buy it again.