Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones (Standard)

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VSL Saxophones
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Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones Standard Library

Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones

Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones Details

This Collection offers the complete saxophones family. The performance algorithms of the Vienna Instruments work wonders with these samples. The focus has been directed equally to orchestral settings as well as to jazz. Famous examples of orchestral works using these instruments include the saxophone quartet by Alexander Glasunow, the alto saxophone concerts by Glasunow and Debussy, and the Castello from Mussorgskyâ??s â??Picturesâ?. In addition, a host of articulations for jazz and big band are included, such as bends, tongue slaps, growling, screams, extended harmonics, key sounds, and more. In an unprecedented development, long and short downward ending phrases triggered as release samples have been added for heightened realism. The breathy tones stem from the legendary â??Barfly sessionsâ? at the Silent Stage, when the lights were dimmed, setting the mood for softer tones.

The Saxophones Full Library contains 38 GB of uncompressed sample data in 44.1kHz/24-bit. Due to an innovative optimization process, the Vienna Instruments engine decompresses the samples in real-time, so that they take up only 25 GB of space on your hard disk. Please note: Even if you licensed the Standard Library only, the Full Library of your Collection gets installed on your hard drive since Standard and Extended Library canâ??t be separated due to structural database requirements.

Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones Features


  • Interval Performances: Legato with and without vibrato, grace notes (minor second to octave), portamento
  • Fast Interval Performances: Legato, marcato
  • Performance Trills
  • Repetition Performances: Legato (slow and fast), Portato (slow and fast), Staccato
  • Fast repetitions: Staccato
  • Octave runs: Legato, chromatic and whole tone runs, up and down
  • Grace notes: minor second to octave, up and down
  • Bends down: Sustains with and without vibrato, progressive vibrato, â??dirtyâ?? (screams); legato with vibrato (grace notes, portamento, glissandi, marcato, trills)

Single notes:

  • Short notes: Staccato, portato (short, medium, long), marcato
  • Long notes: Sustained notes with and without vibrato, with progressive vibrato, slaps normal und muted, key sounds, screams, long and short end phrases
  • Dynamics: Various crescendos & diminuendos; fp, sfz, sffz
  • Flutter tonguing: normal and crescendo
  • Trills: Half and whole tone, crescendo & diminuendo, constant speed and accelerando

Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones System Requirements

  • PC Intel/AMD with Windows XP/VISTA/7 32 and 64 bit versions (Core 2 Duo/Xeon recommended) or
  • Apple G4 (G5 or Intel Core 2 Duo/Xeon processor recommended) with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
  • Fast separate hard drive with 35 GB free space for Standard and Extended Library
  • ViennaKey (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device or other eLicenser)
  • DVD drive for installation
  • VST (OS X, Win XP), AU (Mac) or RTAS (Mac) compatible host - also works stand-alone
  • eLicenser License Control Center or higher (the latest available version from is highly recommended)
  • 88 key master keyboard (highly recommended)

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