Tonelux OTB-16 Summing Mixer

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Tonelux OTB-16
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Tonelux OTB-16 Summing Mixer

The Tonelux OTB-16 Summing Mixer is stereo summing at it's finest. The tone of the Tonelux OTB-16 is the same great sound you get from a Tonelux Mixing System or Console. With a full 16-channels of adjustable input, the OTB-16 is ready for your next mixing session.

The Tonelux OTB-16 Summing Mixer is a 16 channel 1U mixer with 16 balanced inputs and the famous Tonelux discrete summing bus. Each channel has a level control, a panner with a center detent, a level indicator and each pair of channels has a LINK button to link the right level control to the left control Access to the OTB16 is through 2 eight channel Balanced Dsub inputs at a level of +4dBu nominal, using the DA-88 type pinout.

The summing of the 16 channels is through the famous Tonelux TX-240 and TX-260 discrete op-amps and then through the Tonelux TX-100 output transformer. The Mixer output can be adjusted with the MSTR Fader, sending the signal out of the two XLR connectors marked "MIX OUT".

Additionally there is a Monitor output for monitoring or for expansion, which is balanced but transformer less. This output is before the MSTR Fader. Also on the rear panel are 2 additional Balanced inputs to the MIX bus via 1/4" jacks. These can be used to insert other mixers into the Tonelux mix bus or they can be used as the inputs from other OTB-16 mixers for expansion. The power for the OTB-16 can be 120 or 230 volts AC 50/60 Hz.

Tonelux OTB-16 Summing Mixer Features

  • 16-channel 1U mixer with 16 balanced inputs and a Tonelux discrete summing bus
  • Each channel has a level control and a panner
  • 2 x 8-channel D-SUB inputs (at +4dBu)
  • Famous Tonelux TX-240 and TX-260 discrete op-amps for summing
  • Main output transformer can be adjusted by the master fader pot
  • XLR main and pre-transformer monitor outputs
  • 2 x balanced TRS inputs feed the mix bus, allowing you to daisy-chain units

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