TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Vocal Effects Processor

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TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
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TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Vocal Effects Processor

The VoiceLive Rack Processer is a full featured professional voice effects processor designed for both studio and live applications.

TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Details
The VoiceLive Rack Processer is a full featured professional voice effects processor designed for both studio and live applications. With studio grade effects like tap delay, reverb, harmony, doubling, transducer, and an included microphone designed just for vocalists, the VoiceLive Rack can produce almost any vocal sound you can dream up. The magic starts with the MP-75 microphone, which is designed for the close proximity vocal techniques used in modern day performances. What really sets this microphone apart from the others, is a built-in thumb switch which allows you to trigger any of the available effects on the VoiceLive Rack without having to take your hands off the mic or mind off your performance. The VoiceLive Rack then uses the adaptive tone feature which automatically applies EQ, compression, de-ess, and gate to produce a smooth and polished vocal performance without long setup times or sound checks. Once your main vocals are polished, you can then apply any of the 9 studio quality effects to the signal and save them in any of the 400 user preset slots or you can choose from any of the 200 factory presets. The VoiceLive Rack can also provide you with up to 8 single harmony voices or 4 doubled harmony voices. These harmonies can be referenced from a guitar, MIDI, mp3 player, or a set key/scale. You can also set the VoiceLive Rack to automatically set the harmony control instrument if you want to minimize your setup time. These harmonies can be smooth and natural, or extreme and experimental. All these options and technologies are housed in a die-cast metal chassis, with a beautiful and intuitive touch screen display. Overall, the VoiceLive Rack can help you produce whatever vocal sound you can dream of.

Full Microphone Channel with Mic-Pre and Effects Processor
The VoiceLive Rack features a full featured microphone channel with a transparent mic-pre, 9 studio quality effects, and a host of core sound effects to polish your sound on the fly. Many of the effects have been made famous by VoiceLive2 and include hardtune, uMod (chorus, flange, detune), tap delay, reverb, harmony, doubling, and transducer (distortion and radio voices). The core sound effects include EQ, compression, and gate.

Complete Vocal Path

The industry leading vocal path starts out with the MP-75 vocal mic, and then is sent through the studio quality mic-pre to the core sound processor. The VoiveLive Rack then automatically EQ's and compresses your sound to produce a polished studio performance before being sent to any of the 9 built-in effects.

Global Tone Produces your Core Sound
The VoiceLive Rack uses its global tone feature to produce your sound just as an engineer would. The process begins with an adaptive gate which fights stage leakage between vocal phrases. It uses a combination of EQ, compression, and de-essing to deliver a studio quality polish to your voice without the extensive setup time and soundchecks normally needed to achieve these results. A manual over-ride is also included to offer you additional control.

Hundreds of Factory and User Presets
The VoiceLiveVoiceLive Rack ships with over 200 factory presets, many emulating popular modern vocal sounds used by your favorite artists. You also have room to create your own sounds with 400 user presets available to save your work.

NaturalPlay Auto-Sensing Harmony Sources
The harmony effect can be guided by a guitar, MIDI, or mp3 source and the source can be auto-detected by the VoiceLive Rack for worry free harmony referencing. You can also completely customize the voices with gender, humanization, and much more, allowing you to create natural smooth harmonies or extreme vocal pitch shifting.

MP-75 Vocal Microphone
The MP-75 microphone is engineered specifically for modern vocal performances. It features off axis noise rejection, Lismer capsule design, feedback suppression, dual shock mounts, and a rugged design. What really makes the MP-75 standout is the patent pending Mic Control circuitry. It allows you to control your VoiceLive Rack with a flick of your thumb on the microphone. This allows you to perform freely while still being in control of your effects.

Up to 8 Voices or 4 Doubled Voices in Harmony
The VoiceLive Rack allows you to have up to 8 voices in harmony or 4 doubled voices in harmony. You can control each of these voices via a MIDI keyboard, guitar, or mp3.

Wizard for Choosing Presets
The wizard can help you quickly and efficiently find the right sound for your application. Enter certain parameters and the wizard gives you a list of presets that fit your criteria. This makes using the VoiceLive Rack enjoyable and efficient, leaving you more time to focus on the music.

Touch Screen and Backlit LCD
The user interface is made up of a beautiful touch-button screen which makes editing a breeze on the fly. The VoiceLive Rack also features a 192 x 64 Blue LCD display which is easy to view in any lighting condition. Both of these features make the VVoiceLive look as good as it sounds.

Editing and Performer Control With Mic Control and Footswitch
Using the Mp-75's mic control feature or a MIDI footswitch, you can quickly access a preset's parameters, trigger an effect, or cycle through your presets all without taking your attention away from your audience.

TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Features

  • Full Mic Channel with Phantom Power
  • Complete Vocal Effects Path
  • Global Tone Engineers your Voice for You
  • Hundreds of Factory Presets
  • Auto Sensing of Harmony Control Module
  • Mp-75 Vocal Microphone Included
  • Up To 8 Harmony Voices/4 Doubled Voices
  • Harmony Referenced From Several Sources
  • Beautiful Touch Button Interface


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