TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal

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TC Electronic Flashback Mini
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TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal Details

TC Electronic has taken all that you know and love about TC Electronic delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. There's more magic per square inch In TC Electronnic Flashback Mini Delay than you'd find in a Smurf. The industry standard, most revered TC Electronic delay tones, plus TonePrint - the greatest innovation to guitar since guitar strings! A world of renowned TC delays at your feet, with room to spare! This tiny giant takes up zero space on your board, but can take whatever twisted delay creation you throw at it!

Size Matters

Just look at it. Who'd have thought such a tiny pedal houses such classic and classy delay sounds? Well, TC Electronic has made it happen, and your ears and pedal board will be grateful.

TonePrint â?" Signature Effects

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay is TonePrint enabled. This means you get the revered TC Electronic sound multiplied to infinity with rockstar customized versions of the best delays TC Electronic has to offer - free of charge!

Room For Choice

An added benefit of TonePrint is that TC Electronic can cram as many delay types into this little miracle as your heart desires. From tape, analog, the classic 2290 sound and dynamic delay, it's all here in spades!

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal Features

  • TC Electronic Flashback Mini Controls delay time. Youâ??ve got all of 7 seconds, so youâ??ll run outta ideas before you run out of delay.
  • Create your own custom delay pedal with the free TonePrint Editor!
  • TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay has an ultra-small footprint â?" it will fit on any pedal board, even yours!
  • From subtle ambience to total time warp, FX Level is the knob that controls it all.
  • Set the number of repetitions and how much effect is fed back to the input - short and snappy or infinite soundscapes-you decide!
  • Load TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay with your favorite artistâ??s delay tones.
  • Keeps your tone YOURS. TC Electronic never convert the dry signal, so youâ??ll always shine through with zero latency and total tonal transparency.
  • True Bypass for zero tone coloration.
  • Works equally awesome with guitar and line level/FX Loop signals.
  • Hold down the footswitch and set delay time by simply strumming your guitar!

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay Pedal Specifications

  • Bypass mode: True Bypass
  • Signal cirsuitry: Analog dry-through
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 48 x 48 x 93 mm â?" 1.9 x 1.9 x 3.7â?
  • Input connector: Standard ¼â? jack â?" mono/TS
  • Output connector: Standard ¼â? jack â?" mono/TS
  • Power input: Standard 9 V DC, centre negative >100 mA (power supply not included)
  • Input impedance: 1 MO
  • Output impedance: 100 O
  • USB port: Mini USB connector for uploading and editing custom TonePrints and for software updates

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