Tascam TM-80 Microphone

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Tascam TM-80
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Tascam TM-80 Microphone

The Tascam TM-80 Microphone is designed and priced for home recording. The condenser mic features an 18mm aluminum diaphragm with a cardioid pickup pattern that sounds great on anything from vocals to acoustic instruments. Internal circuitry is optimized to reduce noise and distortion while retaining rich, full sound quality.

A cardioid condenser mic is the perfect all-around mic for vocal and instrument recording, and the unidirectional pickup pattern keeps the recording from sounding too ambient. The TM-80 has an 18mm aluminum diaphragm and a wide frequency response. With a maximum sound pressure rating of 136dB SPL, you can safely use the TM-80 with guitar amps, drums and other loud instruments.

Tascam TM-80 Microphone Includes

  • TM-80 Microphone
  • Shock-absorbing suspension
  • Table-top mic stand
  • Mic cable

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