Switchcraft TT Patchbay

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Switchcraft TTP96-ASFN
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Switchcraft TT Patchbay

The Switchcraft TT Patchbay is a 96-Point TT Fully Normalled Patchbay designed to seamlessly integrate into any pro audio, broadcast, or live sound application.

Switchcraft patchbay offers the end user a rugged cable tray to support rear cabling. Attractive, corrosion resistant nickel-plated jacks. Gold switching contacts for long-term reliability in normal-through connections.

Switchcraft TT Patchbay Features

  • Full normal jack configuration
  • Attractive, corrosive resistant nickel-plated jacks
  • Steel frame jack for superior jack life
  • Extra wide labeling strips provide maximum space
  • Cable tie bar takes the weight of cables off the jacks
  • Rugged, attractive black anodized aluminum face will not break
  • Full normal jack configuration
  • Fanned solder terminals for easier solder connections
  • Offset ground terminal for ease in making common ground buss connections
  • Gold switching contacts for long-term reliability in normal-through connections

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