Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp (Used)

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Studio Projects VTB-1
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Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp

Front End Audio acquires previously owned gear through our Buy-Back program. You can purchase used gear at a great price but there are no manufacturer warranties with these items. These items have been inspected and/or tested by our staff to make sure each one is in working condition and comes with our commitment to service. This VTB-1 functions perfectly. It is missing a silver cap cover on one of the knobs but other that this it is pretty much just like new.

The Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp is single channel low cost microphone preamplifier containing low cost mic preamplifier technology. Incorporating true class A/B switching for a totally discrete circuit and a variable tube drive to allow you blend as much as you want, the VTB-1 Mic Preamp is suitable for all vocal styles. The Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp is the ultimate in low cost mic preamplifier technology. Incorporating true class A/B switching, the Studio Projects VTB-1 is a totally discrete circuit. Unique to the Studio Projects VTB-1 is the "Tube Drive". The Tube Drive is a variable drive to a 12AX7, that allows the user to blend as little, or as much of the Tube Drive they want. The Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp allows the user the most flexibility of any mic preamplifier in it's price class.

The Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp allows you to go from a pristine solid state sound, to any combination of Tube Drive you choose...even hard distortion for guitars and bass! The VTB-1 is must have device as the perfect mic preamplifier for any microphone!

Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp Features

  • 48 Volt Phantom Power
  • Phase Reverse
  • Variable Input Gain Control On Detented Pot
  • 1/4" D.I. Jack On Front Panel
  • High Pass Filter
  • Descrete Solid State Class A/B Design
  • TRS Insert
  • Mic/Line Switch
  • VariableTube Blend On Detented Pot
  • Meter Read Select Between Input and Output level
  • Switchable Impedance between 50/200 Ohm
  • 5 position LED metering
  • XLR mic input
  • Balanced outputs on XLR and 1/4"
  • External AC Power Supply For extreme Low Noise Operation
  • Output Gain Control On Detented Pot

Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp Applications

  • A superb vocal mic pre with warm transparent character
  • Great for use as a Tube DI Box
  • Great for production, broadcast, and voice over work
  • Perfect for the professional and home project studio
  • A quality vocal mic preamplifier suitable for all vocal styles

Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp Specifications

  • Maximum Gain:
    • Mic In to Bal Out: 72dB (60dB preamp gain, 12dB output gain)
    • Line In to Bal Out: 42dB (30dB preamp gain, 12dB output gain)
  • Distortion/Noise:
    • THD + Noise: -20dBu input-Mic; 0dBu input-Line, (Both measured at +15dBu output)
    • Mic or Line In to Bal or Line Out: <0.0015% (Blend set full CCW- no tube)
    • Mic EIN: -128dBu (150 ohm source, 60dB gain)
  • Frequency Response:
    • 20-20kHz, ref 1kHz: -20dBu input, +15dBu output
    • Mic In to Bal Out: +0 /-0.25 dB, 0dBu input, +15dBu output
    • Line In to Bal Out: +0 /-0.5 dB
  • Phase Response:
    • 20-20kHz, either input: <+/- 15 degrees
  • Input Impedance:
    • Mic Input (Rear switch in 200 ohm position): 2000 ohms
    • Mic Input (Rear switch in 50 ohm position): 300 ohms
    • Line Input (Front panel TRS jack): 1.5 meg ohms
  • Output Impedance:
    • Male-XLR Balanced Output: 100 ohms (50 ohms each leg)
    • TRS Line Out: 300 ohms (Impedance Balanced)
  • Insert Jack (TRS):
    • Nominal Level: approx 0dBu
    • Location: Between SS preamp stage and tube/output stage
    • Tip=Send: 50 ohms output impedance
    • Ring=Return: 7500 ohms input impedance

Studio Projects VTB-1 Microphone Preamp Includes

  • Studio Projects VTB-1
  • Power Supply

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  • 4
    Nice inexpensive Pre

    Posted by MTDrummer on Oct 8th 2017

    This pre works well for the price point. Does not excel at anything per say but is solid across the board. A better power supply would be nice.

  • 5
    Studio Projects VTB-1

    Posted by Ben on Mar 19th 2012

    I decided to purchase a VTB-1 after reading and hearing really good reviews. I put it against my Presonus MP20 and there was no comparison, the studio projects was much better. The mp20 sounded thin and brittle, maybe that is why it was discontinued. Although, I don&#039;t know how it compares to the new Presonus stuff. At the time the unit was $99, but at $149 it is still worth it. If you&#039;re getting your first preamp, I believe you would be happy. If I use the tube setting, I generally like it about 12:00, especially for flute.

  • 4
    Good basic clean cheap

    Posted by Anonymous on Sep 10th 2011

    The VTB-1 is a great way to get a quality signal if your other gear&#039;s preamps are subpar. I used two of these when I had a Roland VS1680 which had noisy, grainy preamps. With the tube blend off the VTB1 gives a good, quiet signal. I never had any use for the tube blend, but just as a basic clean preamp or DI this is a very good value.

  • 4
    This was my 1st outboard Pre...

    Posted by Jason Dickerson on Sep 3rd 2010

    &amp; it it did what it was supposed to do. With the &quot;Tube Blend&quot; knob all the way over on Solid State it gives a tone that sounds way better than $150! The Tube Blend is an OK little bell or whistle, I never found myself using the tube side very often though. I have a lot more pricier preamps/channel strips now but I still go back to the old VTB-1 from time to time just because I know what I&#039;m going to get out of it when I put something into it... Darn good DI too. Thanks for the eye time.

  • 4
    Excellent value for the price!

    Posted by John S. Trageser on Jun 23rd 2010

    I&#039;ve used my first VTB-1 enough that I thought it warranted having a pair. It&#039;s not going to give you $1,000-per-channel price bracket performance, but it&#039;s got some good character and excellent versatility.

    Run it as an insert, run it as a DI, feed it mic or line-level signals, even set it up dirty with high input gain and moderated output gain - it&#039;ll be happy.

    With tube-blend at full, I had good results on male baritone with an Oktava 319. I&#039;ve also liked most basses through it, both miced and after a DI (haven&#039;t used the Hi-Z input often, but it hasn&#039;t given me any trouble).

    Did have a problem trying to rack my pair (see review of the VTB1-RK), but can&#039;t complain.

  • 3
    Solid little performer

    Posted by Adam G. on Dec 6th 2005

    For $99 bucks why not? I got the rack-mount for another $20 and this thing sits nicely in my rack. The tube blend option is cool. Sounds better than the pres in the MOTU 828mkii and the Behr ADA8000, but that&#039;s not saying much. Very cool blue glow from within. A nice cheap addition of a new flavor to your pre collection.