Speck Electronics LiLo 16-Channel Line Mixer

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Speck Electronics LiLo
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Speck Electronics LiLo 16-Channel Line Mixer

The Speck Electronics LiLo 16-Channel Line Mixer is a high-definition desktop analog line mixer for routing and blending your external gear. The LiLo was designed as a "quiet-transparent" platform that allows you to build a mixing system using the gear you already own.

The Speck Electronics LiLo 16-Channel Line Mixer is a perfect "back-end" for DAW based recording systems where the user is looking to integrate tactile control and professional studio functionality with the ability mix in the analog domain via aux sends and a fully complimented master section. This unpretentious design lacks mic preamps, equalizers, and the surface is uncluttered. The LiLo preserves your ability to choose your own signal path to "tape" and back. This keeps your options open and your signal path short. And if you need mic preamps and equalizers, the Speck MicPre 5.0 and the Speck ASC Equalizer

In short, the Speck Electronics LiLo is a well-designed, minimalistic line mixer with lots of headroom and a clear yet weighty sounding signal path - thanks in no small part to it's fully balanced signal path design.

Speck LiLo 16-Channel Line Mixer Features

  • Fully modular construction.
  • All balanced inputs, outputs, and inserts.
  • Line Inputs - Each input channel has a selector for two line inputs, balanced inserts, 100mm slider, pan, L-R assign and group assigns, 4 aux sends, mute, in-place solo, and a balanced direct out.
  • Master Section - With a 100mm stereo slider, masters, 2 track return, and two aux returns. A DAW return allows a workstation to be monitored at the LiLo mixer.
  • Transformer balanced mix outputs. Optional transformers on group outputs (contact us for pricing).
  • Input channels have configruation switches under panel for user customization.

Speck LiLo 16-Channel Line Mixer Specifications

  • Frequency Response (12 dB gain): 10Hz-30kHz (+0/-.5dB)
  • THD+n (Gain 12, Output +24dBu): .0024%
  • Crosstalk (1kHz):
    • -100dBu (Channel to channel)
    • -95dBu (Input to Mix out, channel muted)
    • -89dBu (Input to Mix out, channel fader off)
  • Noise (22Hz-22kHz):
    • -102dBu (Residual output noise)
    • -81dBu (16 channels routed, faders up)
    • -84dBu (16 channels routed, faders off)
    • -90dBu (16 channels routed, faders off, and muted)
  • Maximum input level: +28dBu
  • Maximum output level:
    • +28dBu at active outputs
    • +24dBu at transformer outputs
  • Output Impedance:
    • 60 Ohms (All Active-balanced outputs)
    • 600 Ohms (All Xformer-balanced outputs)
  • Dimensions (16 channel mixer): WxDxH = 28.6" x 24.6" x 10" (725mm x 625mm x 254mm)
  • Dimensions (External supply): WxDxH = 7" x 17" x 5.5" (178mm x 432mm x 140mm)
  • Shipping Weight (16 channel): 64 Lbs (29kg)
  • Shipping Weight (External supply): 23 Lbs (10kg)

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What We Think - Speck LiLo Review

"The Speck Electronics LiLo is a fantastic solution for the Pro Tools (or other) studio that has largely moved away from needing a fully featured mixer, but that still needs the ability to make headphone mixes on the fly while also incorporating talkback facilities. Anyone who has ever tracked full bands knows that a sexy mic pre can take a back seat to functionality and the ease of flow in a session - it's all about inspiring performance. And if you can make that flow easier between the engineer and the artist, then you're half the way there. The LiLo goes the distance to making this possible. Choose your front end and hear it's character without it being encumbered and marred by an unnecessarily colored mixing and monitoring section. Plus, your plug-ins tend to sound much better (much more real) when breaking your tracks out through a real mix bus. And another application for the LiLo is for monitoring when tracking to a 2-inch machine. Many studios dumped their mixers, but still want to track to tape and then transfer to digital later. The LiLo is perfect for this! Plus you can use it for mixing out of the DAW when the time comes. We love Speck Electronics and that the LiLo is a great centerpiece for the user concerned with sound quality and functionality"

- Front End Audio

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