Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit

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Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums
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Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit

Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit, a multi-track drum kit that offers the ultimate high fidelity rock sound with incredible realism for keyboardists and e-Drummers.

Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit Details

Neil Peart, legendary drummer of the band RUSH, has collaborated with Sonic Reality and producer / engineer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains) to bring the authentic sound of Neil Peart's Snakes and Arrows Custom DW Drum Kit into the digital domain as a sample library for BFD2 and Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt, as part of the Drum Masters series. With advanced features such as deep level dynamics, humanized random alternating hits, discrete multiple mic mixing and more, this deluxe sampled kit is an ultra-realistic recreation of Neil's actual acoustic set as used live on tour and in the studio.

Now, for the first time, e-drummers, keyboardists and composers can play rock drum samples with the iconic signature sound of drum legend - Neil Peart and have a world-class, hard-hitting drum kit suitable for many styles of music from Progressive Rock to Heavy Metal! Producer Nick Raskulinecz engineered the sample sessions with over 20 channels of Neve mic preamps, deluxe vintage tube mics and multiple room positions for one of the most elaborate sampled drum kits ever.

With the assistance of Don Lombardi and, every detail of â??The Kitâ? was captured both in high-resolution audio and documented on video with a thorough explanation by Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality on how the drums were sampled.

Neil Peart has been one of the world's most acclaimed drummers for over 35 years. His virtuosic work with the band Rush has inspired drummers and expanded the school of rock drumming beyond all technical limitations. Peart is known for his intricate beats, fast hands and complex time signatures.

Neil Peart joined Rush in 1974, who has written and recorded rock classics such as "Tom Sawyer," "The Spirit of Radio," "Freewill," "Limelight" and "YYZ." The band continues to play around the globe to enthusiastic audiences of all generations.

Special Note

1) BFD2 versionâ?" for Fxpansionâ??s BFD2. This version of Neil Peart Drums utilizes the BFD interface.*** This version requires a separately purchased license of FXpansion's BFD2 and will not work without this interface.

2) KONTAKT - INFINITE PLAYER Versionâ?" This will work within any host application or as a standalone player in the Kontakt 4 window. This version will include the Infinite Player and Kontakt 4 licenses.

Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit Features

  • INFINITE PLAYER Version - Specific Features:
    • Diverse Range of Kits: Unique custom and vintage drum kits from legendary drummers and top drum brands.
    • Signature Styles and Sounds: Authentic techniques and recording equipment used in the session to recreate drum sounds from iconic Classic Rock albums to Jazz, Soul, Blues, Hip Hop, World, Pop and other styles.
    • Ready to Go Stereo Mixes! Stereo mixed kit pieces with overall level control of the kick, snare, toms, hats and cymbals. Stereo Kits load fast and are incredibly efficient on your computer power. It's ideal for laptops!
    • Unprocessed Natural Acoustic Sound: Recorded naturally with no additional processing for maximum flexibility to produce, process and engineer within your DAW.
    • GM and iMap Drum Maps: Both General Midi and Sonic Realityâ??s award-winning iMap drum layouts for the ultimate in compatibility and expressive realism when creating drum tracks.
    • Left and Right Hand Alternate Hits! Drum Masters iMap kits have left and right stick alternate hits on separate keys for avoiding machine gun effect and simulating a drummerâ??s natural alternating two hand playing.
    • Dynamic Velocities and Multiple Drum Positions! Drum Kits are mapped both with multiple velocities and a variety of positions of each drum from center to edge to rim.
    • Ideal Material to Use with Effect Plug-ins: Process each mic channel separately or together through your favorite studio effects plug-ins and channel strip EQ in your DAW.
    • Unlimited Custom Kits Can Be Made! Drum Master kits are flexible and customizable allowing the ability to swap out kit pieces between kits to create your own custom hybrid drum kits.
    • Uses the Infinite Player Software: All Drum Masters Kits and Grooves are played from Sonic Realityâ??s Infinite Player library for Kontakt, which works stand alone for the Mac and PC and as a plug-in for major DAWS like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer and more.
    • Endlessly Expandable Collection! With the Infinite Player you can expand and add more Sonic Reality drum kits, grooves and other instrument sounds to your collection.

Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit Specifications

  • Kit size: Over 12 GB (installed)
  • Kit model: DW Neil Peart Custom Snakes & Arrows Kit
  • Kit pieces:
    • 23" x 16" Kick Drum [110 MB]
    • 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum [408 MB]
    • 14" x 6.5" Edge Snare Drum [163 MB]
    • 8" x 7" Tom [133 MB]
    • 10" x 7" Tom [200 MB]
    • 12" x 8 Tom [197 MB]
    • 13" 9" Tom [233 MB]
    • 15" x 12" Tom [233 MB]
    • 15" x 13" Tom [200 MB]
    • 16" x 16" Tom [250 MB]
    • 18" x 18" Tom [261 MB]
    • 22" Sabian Paragon Ride Cymbal [513 MB]
    • 4 Sabian Paragon Crash Cymbals (16", 16", 18", 20") [656 MB]
    • 3 Sabian Paragon China Cymbals (20", 20" with rivets, 19") [132 MB]
    • 3 Sabian Paragon (10", 10", 8") Splash Cymbals [62 MB]
    • 5 Cowbells [39 MB]
  • BFD2 Version
    • Resolution is dependent upon BFD2 audio engine which is 44.1kHz and 24-Bit resolution
    • Resolution supported up to 96kHz sampling rate and is 24-Bit resolution
    • Infinite Player allows you to "mix and match" kit components with other Infinite Player supported drum kits
    • "STm" kits (stereo kit piece/multichannel)
    • Infinite Player is a licensing mechanism that authorizes Sonic Reality sounds to be played in Native Instrumens Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player. Kontakt is the industry's leading sampler and, combined with Sonic Reality's immaculate sampling and thorough scripting, allows for ultimate flexibility.
    • By registering the Infinite Player, any of Sonic Reality's sounds for Kontakt can be easily installed and expanded. The Infinite Player library will appear in your Kontakt library in the same manner that the Kontakt Library, Akoustik Piano, or Elektrik Piano would. After the one-time installation of the Infinite Library, all newly installed Sonic Reality sound sets for Kontakt will automatically appear!

Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit System Requirements

  • BFD2 Version System Requirments:
    • Kit size: 4.23 GB (installed)
    • This product requires an installed and registered copy of BFD2. Please note that your Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums serial number only authorizes your Sonic Reality library. It will NOT serve as registration for the actual BFD2 software.
    • BFD System Requirements:
      • 1 GHz Pentium III or Athlon (Windows)
      • Apple PowerMac G4, OSX 10.2.8 733 MHz (G4 1.2 GHz recommended) (MacOSX)
      • 512 MB of RAM (1GB Recommended)
      • DVD drive(For installation)
      • Windows 2000 or XP or MacOSX 10.2.8
      • 9 GB of free hard disk space (Separate drive recommended)
    • BFD2 comes with factory mappings for the following electronic drum kits:
      • Akai MPD24
      • Alesis DM5, DM5 Pro, Trigger IO, Control Pad / Performace Pad
      • Alternate Mode DrumKat and DK10
      • Clavia DDrum
      • M-Audio Trigger Finger
      • Korg PadKontrol
      • Roland TD-3/6/8/10/12/20
      • Yamaha DTXtreme
    • *** For more information regarding BFD2's system requirements, please refer to FXpansion's website.
  • Infinite Player Version System Requirements:
    • Apple Mac - Minimum Requirements
      • Mac OS 10.4.x
      • G4 1.4gHz or higher
      • 2GB RAM
    • Windows - Minimum Requirements
      • Windows XP SP2
      • 1.4gHz or higher
      • 2GB RAM

Sonic Reality Neil Peart Drums Volume 1: The Kit Downloads

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