Softube Tube-Tech Compressor Collection

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Softube Tube-Tech
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Softube Tube-Tech Compressor Collection

The Softube Tube-Tech Compressor Collection features the CL1B which is often regarded as the perfect compressor. In fact, I'll wager that you'll find yourself putting more of these on the mix than you might truly need - just because it works so well!

The Tube-Tech CL 1B is a modern classic for a very good reason. As a vocal compressor in particular, its mixture of characteristic warm slow opto gain reduction and surprisingly versatile can’t-sound-bad operation have made it a staple across a wider variety of genres than perhaps any other optical compressor. Classic rock, cutting-edge pop, rap and hip hop, EDM… you name it.

Softube Tube-Tech Compressor Collection Features

  • Improved sound; a total remodel from the ground up using our latest technology.
  • New features – side-chain low-cut filters and parallel blend.
  • Spectacular new high-resolution graphics.
  • Characterful and yet still versatile compression.
  • Great for vocals.
  • The CL 1B optical compressor - a modern classic in a plethora of genres.
  • Legacy plug-in version included.

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  • 5
    Great emulation of the hardware!

    Posted by Matt Ferguson on Apr 12th 2011

    This is a great plug-in for treating a vocal in your DAW! It gives a nice thickness to the sound, like the LA-2A...maybe not quite as much of a "sheen" as the LA-2A since it's meant to be more transparent, but it still does a great compression job. And the controls on attack and release are an added bonus that the LA-2A doesn't have. Recommended!

  • 5
    The best compressor plug-in ever!

    Posted by Snorri Baron Jonsson on Dec 13th 2010

    This plug-in makes all the difference in the world both for usage on a single track tightening and balancing the sound - as well as on the mix bus.

    I love it!

    If it were a girl. It´d be the most beautiful girl in the world!