Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Plug-In

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Softube TSAR-1
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Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Plug-In

The Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb (Native), a reverb plug-in with sophisticated sound and versatility, all while having a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that is unparalleled in other high-end reverb products.

Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Details

The TSAR-1 Reverb is not an emulation. It's not a stock design. It's not a static snapshot of a space. The TSAR-1 is a powerful, modern reverb algorithm. It's alive and vibrant, it's gentle and dreamy, and above all - it's natural and believable. The TSAR-1 is the better-sounding alternative to the established, traditional reverb products. At a fraction of the price. Based on a â??best of the bestâ? list of vintage classic reverbs, and sprinkled with a taste of modern high end units and a heaping spoonful of Softubeâ??s own mojo, the TSAR-1 brings affordable pro-quality algorithmic environmental processing to Native platforms (Mac/PC; VST/AU/RTAS).

The True Stereo Algorithm inside the TSAR-1 is what gives it its magic. The strength lies in its sophisticated sound and versatility, no matter whether it's used on strings and brass or rock drums and lead vocals, it always shines. All this while still having a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that is unparallelled in other high-end reverb products.

As with all Softube plug-ins, TSAR-1 is designed using advanced component modeling, wherein both the circuit components and the interaction of the components are modeled. This approach allows Softube to capture in detail the specific electronic and sonic behaviors of all the devices that contributed to the overall TSAR sound and performance.

â??We chose an algorithmic design for TSAR-1 rather than a convolution-style reverb,â? explained Softube product manager Niklas Odelholm, â??because we wanted to create a true classic reverb with as much finesse, dynamics, sonic flexibility, and versatility as possible. Fortunately, native computer processing power is so great, that weâ??re able to deliver a pro-quality algorithmic design at a fraction of the cost of the hardware units itâ??s based on.â? The proprietary algorithm Softube implemented is capable of creating an exceptional range of ambient environments, from natural spaces to tiny cubes to canyons--and everything in-between.

Central to TSAR-1â??s sonic precision is its True Stereo design. Many â??stereoâ? reverbs are actually mono reverbs that combine the L/R input signals and artificially split them on output. Others models are dual mono, which maintains L/R separation, but doesn't account for the L/R cross-talk that occurs in natural spaces. TSAR-1 expertly addresses these issues with a proprietary reverb engine that is actually four discrete engines, each of which is dedicated to a specific part of the signal path. Engine one processes the Left signal, engine two the Right, engine three handles Left+Right, and engine four processes Right+Left. This architecture results in significantly greater detail and nuance in the reverb sound itself, and both your source signalâ??s and the reverbâ??s stereo imaging stays totally intact.

Programming TSAR-1 is easy and intuitive, with all parameters and edit/compare instantly accessible. For those who wish to keep programming time to bare minimum, thereâ??s the included TSAR-1R plug-in---a variation of the reverb that wraps the TSAR-1 reverb engine in a simple three-control interface, with each control operating several inter-related parameters simultaneously. Creating custom reverb environments has never been faster or easier! And since TSAR-1R and TSAR-1 use the exact same reverb engine, thereâ??s no trade-off in quality when you go â??R.â?

Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Features

  • True Stereo Algorithm
  • Extraordinary versatility
  • Comprehensive user interface
  • Modern and powerful high-end reverb
  • Extensive preset library
  • Comes bundled with the TSAR-1R Reverb

Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Controls

Reverb Section

Five easy accessible parameters make up the reverb section, and are often the only parameters you need to adjust.

  • Predelay - Use it as a rhythmic effect or to carefully match the tail with the early reflections.
  • Time - Longer or shorter reverb tail. Where do you want to go today?
  • Density - Smooth, modern and dense, or sparse, lush and vintage.
  • Tone - Dark or bright? No need to adjust dozens of knobs to get the character you need.
  • High Cut - Too much sizzle? Cut the highs.

Top Row

The top row allows you to do the final touches to get exactly the sound you're after.

  • Early Reflections Type - Large, Medium or Small? What room do you want to place your tracks in?
  • Early Reflections Mix - Already got a good sounding room and just need some longer reverb? Turn down the earlies with the mix knob.
  • Diffusion - Need that extra smoothness on your snare?
  • Modulation - A vintage style chorus-y modulation, or a modern and classy modulation?
  • Reverb Mix and Output Volume - They just have to be there, right?

Interactive Display

Show both current and previous settings, and toggle between those by clicking on each of the parameter value displays.

Extensive Preset Library

41 well designed presets, categorized into a "modern" and a "vintage" set. The modern set focuses on the classy reverb sounds of today, while the vintage set mimics the characters of old school reverbs we still love to use.

All presets are well documented with examples of intended use cases.

TSAR-1R Reverb

TSAR-1R. Same sound quality, easier to use. With just three reverb parameters and the required mix and volume knobs, it has never before been this easy to dial in a great reverb sound.

The TSAR-1R comes bundled with its bigger brother, the TSAR-1.

Predelay - Perfect for getting that small gap between the vocals and the reverb tail

Time - One fader to rule them all. The Time control changes the Density, Diffusion, Early Reflections, Reverb Time, etc. Almost like a continous swipe through all the best presets.

Color - Need a bright or a dark reverb?

Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac: Intel
  • Windows: PIII or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Any VST, VST3, AU, or AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.7, 11.0.2 or higher) compatible host application (does not currently support AAX DSP)

Softube TSAR-1 True Stereo Algorithmic Reverb Downloads

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  • 5
    Very nice sounding reverb

    Posted by Come on Oct 28th 2013

    Excellent product, delivers very nice sounding reverbs wire a few but useful parameters. Front end audio service is quick and pro

  • 5

    Posted by Enzo De Rosa on Dec 14th 2012

    Very nice reverb... The sound have a soul.

  • 5
    TSAR-1 - one of the best software reverbs

    Posted by Djani Pervan on May 15th 2012

    Many times when using reverb plugins in a mix I've noticed that they sound ok while I tweak it early in the mix or listen solo track with reverb on it. But often, when other elements of the arrangement kick in, the reverb tail starts to disappear or diffuse and its not easy to find the right level or color of it.
    Tsar-1 manage to stay "present" and in its full tone and rich characteristics even in the busiest mixes and, once set, it doesn't need too much tweaking later. It has very distinctive sound and its extremely versatile for use with wide range of instruments or vocals or music genres.