Shure P10TR425CL Monitoring System w/ SE425-CL Earphones

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Shure P10TR425CL Monitoring System w/ SE425-CL Earphones

The Shure PSM 1000 Wireless System w/ SE425-CL Earphones delivers a networkable, dual-channel transmitter and a diversity bodypack receiver for an unprecedented combination of audio and RF performance for demanding wireless monitoring applications.

Shure PSM 1000 Wireless System Details

The Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System brings personal monitoring to its most advanced level yet. The full-rack, dual-channel, networkable transmitter is ideally suited for the demands of professional touring and installation applications, and the diversity bodypack receiver delivers pristine RF signal and audio quality. Networkability over Ethernet connection enables remote control of transmitter functions and comprehensive frequency coordination via Wireless Workbench software.

Shure P10TR425CL Monitoring System w/ SE425-CL Earphones

The Shure P10TR425CL Monitoring System w/ SE425-CL Earphones is a specific component configuration offering of the Shure PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System, which includes a P10T Transmitter, two P10R Bodypack Receivers, and two SE425-CL Sound Isolating Earphones.

Shure PSM 1000 Wireless System Features

  • The Shure P10TR425CL Monitoring System w/ SE425-CL Earphones includes the following components:
  • Touring-Grade Design and Performance
  • Full-rack, dual-channel wireless transmitter housed in a touring-grade, all-metal chassis
  • Internal power supply with IEC in/out ports enables easy power chaining in the rack
  • Diversity bodypack dramatically improves signal reception and increases range
  • CueMode allows monitoring of different stage mixes and storing of up to 20 separate channels on one bodypack for quick and easy reference
  • Backward compatible with PSM 900 transmitters and receivers (in the same frequency range) to facilitate streamlined inventory management for rental and touring
  • Robust RF Performance and Networked Control
  • Up to 72 MHz Tuning Bandwidth (region dependent) provides flexibility in today's crowded and unpredictable RF environments
  • Precision front-end RF filtering reduces RF interference for a cleaner, stronger RF signal, fewer dropouts, and less audible artifacts
  • Networked control via Ethernet connection vastly simplifies and streamlines setup and enables remote control via Wireless Workbench software
  • Advanced frequency coordination simplifies setup for high channel counts
  • Full bandwidth scan from the P10R bodypack receiver finds clean, compatible frequencies and provides a graphic spectrum plot viewable from the bodypack menu screen
  • Spectrum display provides a front-panel spectrum plot with selectable zoom
  • Fully compatible with Wireless Workbench 6, which provides advanced RF spectrum plotting, comprehensive frequency coordination, and live monitoring and adjustment of transmitter settings
    • RF mute enable/disable
    • RF output power adjustments
    • Aux/line level
    • Audio input level
    • Channel/device name edit
    • Firmware update
  • Advanced Rechargeability Option
    • The SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides extended usage times and precise tracking of remaining life and charge cycle details.
    • The SBC800 8-bay charger brings up to eight SB900 batteries to full charge within two hours and has charge status LEDs for each battery.

Shure PSM 1000 Wireless System Specifications

  • RF Carrier Range: 470-952 MHz (regionally dependent)
  • Compatible Frequencies: 49 per band
  • Tuning Bandwidth: 72 MHz - 80 MHz (regionally dependent)
  • Operating Range (environment dependent): 90m (300ft)
  • Audio Frequency Response: 35Hz - 15kHz
  • Stereo Separation: 60 dB
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio (A-Weighted): 90 dB (typical)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (ref. ±34 kHz deviation @1 kHz): <0.5% (typical)
  • Companding: Patented Shure Audio Reference Companding
  • Spurious Rejection (ref. 12 dB SINAD): >80 dB (typical)
  • Frequency Stability: ±2.5 ppm
  • MPX Pilot Tone: 19 kHz (±0.3 kHz)
  • Modulation: FM, MPX Stereo (±34 kHz deviation, nominal)
  • Operating Temperature: -18°C to +57°C

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