Shure Beta 181 Stereo Set Package

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Shure Beta 181 Stereo Set
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Shure Beta 181 Stereo Set Package

Shure Beta 181 Stereo Set Package

Shure Beta 181 Stereo Set Package Details

Shure has been making industry standard microphones for over 80 years, and their love and respect of the craft is still much the same now, as it was when the company was founded in 1925. The Beta 181 is a testament to that continued passion. For a mic that fits in the palm of your hand, it is a heavy little guy. The build quality that we have all come to expect from Shure is 100% there, and the performance is on that equal level. The great performance and high versatility of the Beta 181 led us here (at Front End Audio) to create a stereo set, with your choice of capsules to get you into a great bundle for your pro audio needs. The Beta 181 comes with a carry/storage case, foam wind screen, and standard mic clip. If you need a pair of shock mounts for your stereo pair of Beta 181s, you can add a pair of Avantone SSM shock mounts at a great savings!

  • Two Cardioids
    • This bundle provides an all around stereo set for virtually any need. Drum Overheads, Drum Room, Hand Percussion, Stereo Acoustic Guitar, Stereo Electric Guitar, Strings, Piano and more.
  • Two Super Cardioids
    • This bundle provides a great close micing bundle. Drums and Drum Overheads, Hand Percussion, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and more.
  • Two Omnis
    • This bundle provides a great set for open and spacious recording.
    • Drum Overheads, Drum Room, Orchestral/Symphonic, Natural Room Reverb, and more.
  • One Cardioid and One Figure 8
    • This bundle provides for all your Mid/Side recording needs.
  • One Cardioid and One Omni
    • This bundle provides for perception and spacious recordings. Record an electric or acoustic guitar with this pair, and hard pan one left, and the other right, to make the guitar fill up the space and give an intimate, yet open recording.
  • Two Figure 8s
    • This bundle provides a set for all your Blumlein stereo micing needs.

In addition to the pair of Beta 181 mics, we have added the Sabra-Som ST2 stereo bar. This high quality and durable stereo bar will withstand your most demanding sessions, and provide for a variety of stereo micing positions. XY, Blumlein, ORTF, Mid/Side, achieve them all with ease and stability.

If you are going to have a great pair of mics for stereo applications, you donâ??t want your recordings hindered by low quality cables. That is why we include a pair of 15ft Mogami Gold Studio microphone cables. They are simply one of the best sounding high quality cables on the market.

What We Think

Shure stepped up to the plate and knocked another one right out of the park with the

Beta 181. The Beta 181 has a full sound that is sure to please. The cardioid has a good presence and depth to it that makes it great for brighter acoustic guitars and amazing for drum overheads â?" your cymbals will shimmer, and your toms will thunder. The super cardioids give you a more focused image of the cardioid, with superb rejection. I have finally found a condenser that I can actually use on snare drum! The figure 8 has a little less bottom end to it, but does not lack body. Guitar cabs sound great, as do acoustic guitars and drum overheads and drum room. The omni capsule is very open and airy on the top, and laid back and pillowy on the bottom. Great for jazz, jam, blues, country/etc drums, and amazing on drum room. It is also a great set up for orchestral and symphonic recording. All in all, I had a great time getting to know the Beta 181, and it just solidifies my continued appreciation for what Shure does.

-Ryan Ferris

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