Samson MD2 Passive Direct Box

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Samson MD2
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Samson MD2 Passive Direct Box

Samson's MD2 Pro Stereo Passive Direct Box combines two premium direct boxes in a single case. Rugged, roadworthy construction and two shielded transformers provide high-quality signal connection solutions for a variety of live sound and recording applications.

The MD2 Pro is perfect for converting unbalanced stereo line level or instrument signals from keyboards, electronic drum kits, acoustic-electric guitars and more. The MD2 Pro features two of Samson's STLX Mu-Metal shielded transformers that deliver an extended, flat frequency response with ultra-low distortion and superior protection against hum and RF interference. The MD2 Pro's balanced outputs provide clean signals that are less susceptible to noise than unbalanced lines, allowing for longer cable runs. The MD2 Pro also includes a 3-position 0dB/-10dB/-20dB attenuation switch for each input to toggle between line and speaker level signals, as well as a Stereo/Mono sum switch.

The MD2 Pro's Thru jacks enable you to tap off the signals from the inputs and pass the signals to amplifiers or monitors without affecting the original audio. This can eliminate the need for miking guitar amplifiers, which depending on your application may be preferable, especially as more musicians are using in-ear monitors.

Housed in a 14-guage noise-reducing steel chassis, the MD2 Pro is built to withstand the abuse of the most demanding live tours. Its rigid outer shell protects all the MD2 Pro’s internal connections, switches and solder joints from failure, ensuring quiet, reliable performance.

Samson MD2 Passive Direct Box Features

  • All-metal, impact resistant design
  • Dual Samson STLX Mu-Metal shielded transformers
  • Stereo/Mono sum switch
  • Dual 3-position 0dB/-10dB/-20dB attenuation switches
  • Dual Ground Lift switches
  • Dual 1/4" Inputs and Thrus
  • Dual balanced XLR outputs
  • No Phantom or Battery power required

Samson MD2 Passive Direct Box Specifications

  • Type: Stereo Passive Direct Box
  • Frequency Response: 18Hz to 40kHz ±0.1dB
  • Maximum Input: +20dBu 0.35% THD
  • Dynamic Range: >100dB @ Balanced Output
  • Noise Floor: -117dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.03% from 20Hz to 40kHz
  • Input impedance: 400kΩ (Stereo Switch Position), >10k (Mono Switch Position)
  • Output Impedance: 250Ω ±20%
  • Transformer: Faraday Shielded Transformer
  • Transformer Ratio: 15:1
  • Input PAD Switch: 0dB, -15dB, -30dB
  • Ground Lift: Switch Disconnects XLR pin-1 (Output)
  • Stereo/Mono Switch: Sums stereo inputs to both outputs
  • Connectors: 1/4” Phone Jack, unbalanced (In & Thru), XLR, balanced (Output)
  • Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis
  • Dimensions: 6.1” x 3.93” x 1.92”
  • Weight 2.08lb

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