Royer dBooster In-Line Signal Booster (Open Box)

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Royer dBooster
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Royer dBooster In-Line Signal Booster

Front End Audio frequently has gear that has been opened. It is likely that we opened the item to show to a customer or to demo in our in-house studio. Regardless, our open box items are just like new and you will be hard pressed to tell that the unit was even opened. These products come with a full manufacturer's warranty, as well as our commitment to service. So if you don't mind an occasional fingerprint or a second layer of tape on the box, then you can grab a great deal today!

The Royer dBooster In-Line Signal Booster boosts the level of non-powered ribbon or dynamic microphones by 12 dB or 20 dB with virtually no noise or distortion. The 12 dB and 20 dB gain settings allow you to better control the levels hitting your preamp or DAW interface. The 20 dB setting gives loads of clean boost for recording soft instruments and singers, but when your singer is wailing or you use the dBooster on high volume instruments like electric guitar, switch it down to 12 dB to keep from overloading your preamp or digital interface.

The dBooster’s Class A input stage delivers crystal clean gain with virtually no noise or self-distortion. The dBooster’s low-impedance output keeps things clean in the studio and also shines on live stages, driving long cable lengths and difficult loads like mic splitters and vintage-style preamps with no loss of gain, no increased distortion, and excellent headroom.

The dBooster gives excellent results with Royer R-121s, R-10s and stereo SF-12s. It also smokes on SM7s and other dynamic mics! The dBooster is built in the USA and ships from our Burbank headquarters.

Royer dBooster In-Line Signal Booster Features

  • Switchable 12dB/20dB gain
  • Ultra-low noise, ultra-low distortion
  • Class A input stage
  • Safe for use on all ribbon mics
  • Wide frequency bandwidth
  • Retains sound quality on long cable runs
  • Maintains headroom and gain regardless of load
  • Perfect for low-volume instruments and vocals

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