Reftone 2LD Reference Monitors

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Reftone 2LD
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Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors

The Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors are perfect for all studio applications, and further allow you to reference your mixes clearly - even at low volumes. Based on classic monitoring techniques like low-level and mono listening, Reftones were designed for today’s music. To handle the abundance of bass and artificial sounds in today’s music, they reproduce a clear, midrange sound without losing low-end presence. Hearing what’s really in the mix helps engineers, producers, musicians and editors make better decisions.

The Reftone 2LD are passive near-field reference monitors that allow you to hear full range clearly at low volumes, for accuracy and placement. These reference speakers help you be a better judge and know exactly what you're listening to. They expose sonic details that may be hidden on some active monitors. Use Reftone to check your sound during all stages of audio production- tracking, mixing, editing and mastering. Reftone are designed for all user levels and environments like professional and home studios, edit bays, laptop rigs, DJ booths and mobile recording setups. Engineers, Producers, Video Editors, Students, DJs and Broadcast Pros all trust Reftone speakers to make their crucial decisions. A combination of classic audio principles, a proprietary driver and high quality wooden cabinetry make Reftone the reference speaker your ears can rely on.

The Reftone 2LD has a full-range 4” driver mounted in a handcrafted, fully sealed, birch-plywood cabinet. The speaker provides a frequency range of 70Hz to 20kHz, but without hype in the treble and bass frequencies. This allows you to hear sonic detail that other monitors miss, especially in the frequency range that matters most. At the same time, the cabinet’s mass helps translate bass frequencies to easily reveal the relationship between low and midranges in the mix. The speaker’s exceptional transient response means that it works well for multimedia projects such as game audio and video editing, as well as TV broadcast audio and standard music production.

The Reftone 2LD is purpose-built for desktop use. Its cabinet is magnetically shielded and roughly a 5”x5” square cube. The Reftone 2LD’s size and weight also makes it highly portable, and practical speakers for use on the road, in hotel rooms or on the bus if you’re working from your laptop. The Reftone 2LD speakers offer consistent and accurate monitoring at an affordable price to anyone ready to step up their game in audio production. When you check your sound, you can trust what you hear on Reftone.

Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors Features

  • Designed & Tested In the USA
  • Full range driver exposes midrange details
  • Handcrafted wooden cabinet enclosure
  • Magnetically shielded for safe placement near computer monitors
  • Reproduces sound accurately to represent mixes for Radio, TV & mp3
  • Clear listening at lower levels to identify problem areas
  • Small size fits any audio environment

Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors Specifications

  • System Type: Passive (unpowered)
  • Driver: 4” full-range driver with paper cone
  • Enclosure: Birch plywood, sealed and magnetically shielded
  • Frequency Range: 70Hz-20kHz
  • Recommended Power: 15 to 300 watts
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 93dB (@ 1 meter)
  • Impedance: Nominal 8Ω
  • Input: 5-way binding post
  • Dimensions: 5”x5”x5.5”
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs.

Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors Includes

  • Reftone 2LD Passive Reference Monitors
  • Manual

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