RapcoHorizon "Stage Series" S8x0-150 8-Channel Snake (150 Foot)


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Custom Built Cable

Due to the various lengths, connectors and options this cable is built to order. Give us a few days to get it heading your way. Go ahead and place your order and we will let you know as soon as it ships. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

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RapcoHorizon "Stage Series" 8-Channel Snake (150 Foot)

RapcoHorizon Stage Series Snake Details

The RapcoHorizon Stage Series Snake is an excellent entry-level snake for commercial facilities needing something built tough and designed to properly reject RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) with the attention only given to a product which is handmade by RapcoHorizon. In the Stage Series, each pair is individually jacketed and has a 100% foil shield. Stage Series Snakes feature All nylon "D" series type connectors standard (metal Neutrik and Switchcraft optional connector upgrades available for both box and fan) on a low-profile steel box with raised edges to protect the connectors. Your choice of 1/4 inch or XLR returns on the box and fan. Channel number ID are featured prominently behind each connector for ease of channel identification. Nylon strain relief/grip on boxes are provided on the smaller S6X0, S6X3, S8X0, S8X4, S12X0, S12X4, and S16X4 setups. And metal-mesh grips are supplied for the larger S24x4, S24X8, S32X8, and S40X8 configurations. A metal-mesh cable-bale is featured on fan end. All connections are Hand-Soldered throughout the Stage Series. Because the wire meets NEC specs for permanent installations, you can run this snake behind walls, ceilings and floors without conduit (however - we do advise you to check your local fire codes prior to purchase and installation in a commercial facility).

RapcoHorizon warranties all cable and snake products to be free from material and workmanship defects for LIFE. If at any time a RapcoHorizon cable or snake product fails due to material or workmanship defect, simply return the product and RapcoHorizon will repair or replace any product covered by this warranty.

RapcoHorizon Stage Series Snake Features

  • Available in sizes S6X0, S6X3, SS8X0, S8X4, S12X0, S12X4, S16X4, S24X4, S24X8, S32X8, and S40X8 configurations
  • Standard lengths offered 50', 75', 100', 150', and 200'
  • Channel number ID markers behind each connector
  • Metal mesh cable bale on fan end
  • Nylon strain relief/grip on box of S6X0, S6X3, S8X0, S8X4, S12X0, S12X4, and S16X4. The S24xX, S24X8, S32X8, and S40X8 have metal mesh grips
  • Manufactured in RapcoHorizon's facilities, by their employees, according the strictest quality standards.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Connector Options

  • Neutrik: Upgrade both the box and fan of your snake to Neutrik connectors. Neutrik is the leading manufacturer of professional connector systems for more than 25 years. Neutrik audio connectors have a world-wide reputation for reliability, durability and quality and has become is the accepted standard in the audio industry.
  • Switchcraft: Upgrade both the box and fan of your snake to Switchcraft connectors. Switchcraft connectors are designed to solve common interconnection problems and are ideally suited to the interconnection of audio equipment. Switchcraft connectors are completely shielded and incorporate the highest quality. The Switchcraft upgrade will include Switchcraft connectors on the box and fan.

RapcoHorizon Stage Series Snake Specifications

  • Cable: SN**-IJIS (**designates number of channels/pairs):
    • Model # S6x0-x: 6 channel, all mic, no returns
    • Model # S6x3-x: 9 channel, 6x3, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S6x3-xFF: 9 channel, 6x3, with XLR returns
    • Model # S8x0-x: 8 channel, all mic, no returns
    • Model # S8x4-x: 12 channel, 8x4, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S8x4-xFF: 12 channel, 8x4, with XLR returns
    • Model # S12x0-x: 12 channel, all mic, no returns
    • Model # S12x4-x: 16 channel, 12x4, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S12x4-xFF: 16 channel, 12x4, with XLR returns
    • Model # S16x4-x: 20 channel, 16x4, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S16x4-xFF: 20 channel, 16x4, with XLR returns
    • Model # S24x4-x: 28 channel, 24x4, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S24x4-xFF: 28 channel, 24x4, with XLR returns
    • Model # S24x8-x: 32 channel, 24x8, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S24x8-xFF: 32 channel, 24x8, with XLR returns
    • Model # S32x8-x: 40 channel, 32x8, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S32x8-xFF: 40 channel, 32x8, with XLR returns
    • Model # S40x8-x: 48 channel, 40x8, with 1/4 inch returns
    • Model # S40x8-xFF: 48 channel, 40x8, with XLR returns
  • Cond Gauge: 24 gauge
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Shield: Individually jacketed and shielded pairs
  • Jacket: Matte PVC

Special Note

Don't see a snake configuration that meets your needs? Then give us a call at 888-228-4530 or email us at info@frontendaudio.com and we can have a custom snake built just for your application! There is no configuration too big or small and if you can imagine it we can build it.

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